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SeeClickFix.com is an advocacy website that allows users to highlight problems in the community - both big and small - which they'd like to see addressed.

Users can report a new issue (a map detailing current Bronx issues is embedded below), or they can vote to fix an issue someone else has posted.  In both instances, an e-mail is generated and sent to those "watching" a particular geographic area. Councilman Fernando Cabrera, for example, is "watching"  his west Bronx council district.  Others who are "watching" the Bronx, or parts of the Bronx, include some city agencies and community groups.   

SeeClickFix, then, raises awareness and encourages better lines of communication between government and the public. We hope you'll keep coming back to this page to report issues, and to see what's been fixed and what hasn't.  We'll be keeping an eye on things ourselves, but feel free to contact us if you feel something's taking too long to fix and we'll follow up.