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Friday, December 28, 2007

Times City Section Cuts Reader Views

As if the City Section of the New York Times was not a small enough sop to readers looking for coverage of New York City issues, the Gray Lady is diminishing, and maybe cutting off altogether, even just the opportunity for Bronxites and other New Yorkers to write letters to the editor or opinion pieces for the section. In “A Note to Readers” last Sunday, the editors wrote that editorials and Op-Ed articles “that have been appearing on this page will no longer be published in this section. Letters will appear elsewhere in this section.” We are not told, however, where the editorials and op-eds will be published, if not in the section itself.

We called the number the Times provided and the person who answered the phone said that editorials and opinion pieces would be published occasionally depending on “interest.” Letters would be treated the same way, she said, even though the editor’s note implied they’d be published regularly elsewhere in the section.

Those who have lived in the Bronx a while might remember the struggle to simply get the City section delivered to Bronx homes instead of, or in addition to, the Westchester section. That took a letter writing campaign.

Maybe another letter-writing campaign is necessary to demonstrate to the Times that actually having an opinion about New York City issues and letting New Yorkers write back to offer their own views on important policy issues, is what a newspaper – particularly a section supposedly oriented toward communities – is all about.

--Jordan Moss and Dart Westphal

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  1. Well, it is clear that the paper should change its name to the Manhattan and International Times, and then the rest of the people would not have to bother to read it.

    This is most likely a Bloomberg move to control everything, inlcuind the the media, and the Times. His lacky has some designs for the Bronx and it does not want anyone to complain, inlcuding its current leadership (which may be good) or their opinions.

    As we can see from the plans for Yankee Stadium and Gateway, their designs are for the complete gentrification in a style that they think resembles Robert Moses. However, little did they know that Moses (always the reformer) was in touch with the people and actually was protecting them from the mass developers (and that is why we got Lincoln Center and the Henry Hudson Parkway, instead of luxury housing along the Hudson River) who are now trying to take over.


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