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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Engel Glad to See Castro Go

As a sharp contrast to Congressman Jose Serrano's statement (see below) on Fidel Castro, the other Bronx congressman who represents the West Bronx, Eliot Engel, said Castro's departure will hopefully lead to Cuba's "liberty."

Here's what Engel said in a statement yesterday:

"The resignation of Fidel Castro is another step in the transition to a free and democratic Cuba. I have stood with the Cuban people as they have faced the difficulties of the Castro regime which has been in power since 1959, and I will continue to advocate for their liberty.

As Chairman of the House Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere, it is my hope that today's development will spark democratic change in Cuba allowing for a renaissance in U.S.-Cuban relations. In the coming days, I will be watching carefully to see if a new generation of Cuban leaders will take advantage of this historic opportunity."


  1. I'm sorry but Engle is nothing but a
    war mongering zionist lunatic. Past the lies, deception and propaganda, Fidel was our boy before we went against him, and Cuba really was not all that bad under his rule. Their healthcare system is amazing, and because they were forced to live under a despotic sanction-based economy, they are now miles ahead much of the world in sustainable organic agriculture, which is truly the way the planet has to go in order to survive.
    Hey Eliot, I hear Israel calling, I think they need a few more billion dollars to kill more innocent Arabs. Get to work doing what you do best and stop spouting off about things you have no idea about.

  2. What's the point of voicing your opinion from behind a curtain?
    I would like to -- again -- encourage everyone who posts here to at least leave their first names.
    if you're not willing to do that, think for a second about whether anonymous attacks really contribute anything at all to the civic discourse.
    --Jordan Moss, editor


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