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Friday, June 20, 2008

Bronx BP to Host Obama, McCain

Next Saturday, Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion, will host presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama in his role as chair of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials. We reported recently that Carrion had left the door open to possibly serving in an Obama administration in an appearance on NY1.

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  1. I was walking through the East Village the other day and a poster caught my eye. I hardly ever look at posters but this one was hard to miss. It was an image of a white female horse on her back; legs spread wide open towards the camera lens. It takes little imagination to picture the body part the poster focused on. Above this disturbing image was the caption: "I want to be President."

    My stomach turned. Flip flopped with nausea. I averted my eyes, disgusted. And yet I couldn't not look back at it. My eyes were glued to that image. I had thought I was immune to the disturbing images of the media's pernicious and perfidious influence. I thought had learned to walk blindly down the street, ignoring all the pornographic, sexist photos that paper the city, making far dirtier than the litter that collects on the streets, the pollution that hangs sticky and sweaty in the heavy air.

    I thought I was immune. Apparently I am not.

    It took all my self-control not to rip the huge picture off the side of the building and tear it to shreds—literally turning into the litter on the streets where it belongs.

    We all know Hillary has lost the race. She will not be President of the United States. And it is this kind of sexist, degrading, abhorrent commentary that she has had to battle to even have her voice heard. To even have a chance.

    No wait. This is worse. This is comparing her to an animal. This is implying that a woman has no value other than as an opening to be fucked.

    I don't know who made this poster. I don't know who put it up. But I know if I see another like it, the anger that has caused me to devote this miniscule amount of attention to it is going to turn into full-blown rage. And I realize the best thing I could do is to keep my mouth shut. I realize the best defense against such stomach knotting, horrific, degrading, soul crushing, eye gouging, vile images is to ignore them. What they want is our attention. What they want is a reaction, even if it is a disgusted, repulsed, violent reaction.

    But the unfortunate truth is—they are going to get it. It is too hideous to ignore. It is too repellant to stay silent. It too damn scary. It is too indicative of the sick nature of this country, our regression back into racism, sexism, pre-emptive violence, and a complete utter and willful ignorance of how bad it really is. So I can't stay silent. I can't just shut up. I want to. But I can't.

    Actually found who produced them.

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