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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Remembering David Pacheco


Last Thursday, the 46th Precinct held a block party on Harrison Avenue at West Tremont Avenue. Local residents tucked into free food and danced to live music. Kids played games and got their faces painted. But away from the fun, the purpose of the event was to promote safe streets and draw attention to the evils of gun crime.

Mount Hope Monitor photograher Alma Watkins took a bunch of photos, including the one above - a small memorial of sorts to two-year-old David Pacheco who, you may recall, was shot dead at this intersection on Easter Day 2006. David's crime? Well, he was buckled into the back seat of a minivan when a stray bullet - the product of a nearby gang fight - burst through the window and hit him in the chest.

A local man, Nicholas Morris, was picked up soon after and found to be in possession of a loaded .347 Magnum. He was charged with murder, but the case fell apart earlier this year when forensics showed that the Magnum wasn't the murder weapon. "I'm happy that justice has finally been served," Morris told the Daily News.

According to the Bronx DA's Web site, a man by the name of Ronnell Gilliam faces related charges of "hindering prosecution and tampering with physical evidence." His trial starts on Sept. 22.

But no one new has been charged with murder, meaning David's killer continues to walk the streets. "Where is my justice?" the memorial poster asks. It's a good question.


  1. Thank you very much for this information.


  2. why hasn't Nicholas Morris filed charges against the nypd for false arrest? could it be that he KNOWS he's guilty?
    Didn't his friend Ronnell Gilliam (who is currently in jail awaiting trial for disposing of the gun) tell police that Morris was the one who did the shooting?

    This story broke my heart when i first heard of it, on that terrible Easter Sunday. Seeing Morris released and charges dropped was completely devastating.

  3. and, let's not forget...weren't the Latin Kings supposed to take care of Morris?
    (since the courts clearly could not)

  4. i believe morris is innocent because ive witnessed the nypd and district attorney ruan innocent peoples lives in order to further their careers without reguards for the victoms families sence of closure or reguards for the defendants innocence. they ruan families and go home and care for theirs without remorse.the descriptions from witnesses of the shooter didnt match morris, when i seen him on the news i automaticaly knew he was innocent and i trusted his plead for justice was sincere. i also remember morris turning himself into the police and then when he was released articles said morris was stopped by police in the vacinity of the crime with a loaded weapon. the sad part is the negative picture painted of this young man,and the loss of a childs life.everyone looses but the district attorney.

  5. On top of it all we americans tend to believe in what we see and hear rather than believe the truth and go with the actual evidence. these attorneys and nypd were also under the hands of a president that promised us our troops along time ago.And till this day we are still waiting. in my opinion they all work together and not for the people. Weve already witnessed a blessing when an innocent man returned home to his family. let us pray for the family of David Pacheco that they will also get their blessing of justice for their son.


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