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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Five Years in Iraq

Today, March 19, marks the Five-year anniversary of the day the United States invaded Iraq to topple Saddam Hussein in the hopes of bringing democracy to a brutal dictatorship. It's been a bumpy ride to say the least.

Today, President Bush gave a rather cheery assessment of the situation there.

Here's a great timeline of the conflict, provided by the Times, from when Bush first mentioned Iraq as being part of the "Axis of Evil" to now.

Here's more assessments from the Times' Baghdad Bureau.

I don't mean to keep pushing Times stories, but they've done the best coverage of any international news outlet.

And here's the statement of local Congressman Jose E. Serrano, an outspoken critic on the war since it's inception:

Five years ago, this President launched a misguided war based on falsehoods. It is a war that has now cost us almost 4,000 lives and $600 billion- and these numbers continue to rise. It is a war that was started with a stunning lack of preparation for the occupation that would follow. It is a war that has hindered our efforts in Afghanistan, and made our allies in the region less safe. It is a war that has lowered our standing in the world and has damaged our historic alliances with nations who were once stalwart friends. And finally, it is a war that has produced no compelling evidence of making our homeland safer from those who wish us harm. For all these reasons, it is a war that should never have been started, and should immediately be ended.

“Our troops have done an admirable job given the lack of planning from the leadership in Washington. My heart also goes out to all those who have been killed or wounded in this conflict, and to their families and friends who have been impacted. We will continue to work to provide our veterans and their loved ones with the support they need.

“By now we all know of the surge that has reduced some of the violence in Iraq. But no increase in the number of troops, however great, can bring about the national reconciliation in Iraq that is needed to address the decades of grievances that are today piled up on the streets of Baghdad and throughout that nation.

“Five years ago we invaded Iraq under false pretenses and without a plan for what came next. Today, we must realize that the next step should be to bring our troops home."

Check back here and at the Norwood News Web site for more coverage on how veterans of the Iraq war are faring here in the Bronx.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, our troops have done an admirable job alright. Raping 14 year old girls and then setting them on fire after killing their entire families, throwing dogs off of cliffs, disrespecting an entire culture by calling Iraqi's "Hajis." I could go on and on, but won't.

    Until these suckers in Washington lose the denial that this is an imperialstic war, which was built on lies, and that our troops are nothing more than handmaidens of the corporate elite, nothing will change.

    Bleating about the "honor of our troops" just ain't cutting it anymore Serrano. Most of the troops over there are nothing more than thug gang members who have been given a license to rob, rape and kill, and they are doing a very good job of it.


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