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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bloomy in the Bronx Promoting "Drunk Guns" Law

The mayor, along with Bronx State Senator Jeff Klein, held a press conference in Morris Park this morning to announced the introduction of a state law that would make it illegal to carry guns while drunk.

The "drunk guns" law would work much like the state's drunk driving laws, which make it illegal to drive a vehicle if your blood-alcohol level is above .08 percent. A violation would be considered a class-A misdemeanor offense and punishments could include a year in jail and/or a $10,000 fine. It could also lead to the revocation of gun licenses.

“Guns and alcohol are a deadly mix,” said Senator Klein, in a statement sent out after the announcement. “The time is now for us to get serious about penalties for those who chose to carry a gun while intoxicated.”

“If you are too intoxicated to drive a car, you should not be carrying a gun,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “The law would apply the same standards and tests that are now used to prevent and punish driving while intoxicated. And that’s only right. I’m hopeful that our legislators and Governor Paterson will make New York the 21st state to enact such a life-saving, common-sense law.”

The law would not punish those who get drunk and carry their guns around their own home.


  1. Where are the stats for drunken gun fights? Ironic, how we need a prohibition to ensure that people are responsible, are you kidding.

  2. Did he make the announcement at the White Castle on Forham Road?

    Oh wait... we all know this will never be enforced when it comes to cops anyway...

  3. Another useless law from two useless politicians; a solution looking for a problem.

  4. Come on this is not for law enforcement, its for us. NYC has millions of dollars for gun control, but not one red cent for persons who cant pay there rent or even pay for food.Remember New York is not a part of the United States so the Constitution has no meaning to these politicians in office

  5. Anonymous @ 5:41 PM on 2/4/10

    Constitution? Really?!! You might actually try reading it!

    It says nothing about letting morons carry guns while they're drunk.

  6. Constitition doesn't prohibit it either... Maybe you should read the consitution... It's very enlightening...

  7. Yeah, well said JimB... ???

    The Constitution doesn't prohibit rape either, so I guess you think that's just fine too???

    Give me a break! Try READING, and using the smallest amount of COMMON SENSE... PLEASE!!!

    Nobody in their right mind could find ANY evidence to suggest the Founders thought it was a good idea for people to use guns while they're drunk.


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