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Monday, February 1, 2010

Bronx News Roundup, Feb. 1

Good morning, everyone! As if it hasn't been hard enough adjusting my internal clock to the new year, here we are in a new month. Here's your first news roundup for the month of February.

Police say Anthony Jimenez, 30, of the Bronx shot and killed his girlfriend this past Saturday in their Woodycrest Ave apartment in Highbridge when she accused him of being on drugs. Also grazed by the shot was Jimenez' friend Jordan Miles, 17, who managed to wrestle the gun from the man's hands after firing two shots. Jimenez has been charged with second-degree murder and other crimes.

A Bronx man has been taken into custody on three separate occasions for sharing a name with a Pennsylvania fugitive. Michael Terry, 37, of the Bronx was last taken in this past September, strip-searched and jailed for five days.

A police S.U.V. was stolen in the Bronx, then found shortly after at La Guardia Airport. Police say Anibal Lugo, 48, had hopped in the unattended vehicle and drove to the airport, where the Port Authority tracked him down. A loaded shotgun was left in the vehicle untouched, and Lugo strolled into the airport with nothing more than a set of handcuffs and police clipboard.

Residents of Van Nest in the Bronx need to travel for any kind of banking. Hit especially hard by the lack of bank branches are the elderly and business owners, with travel times hitting the 30-minute mark. Quality of life is also being affected: "I don’t think you can have a thriving business community without a bank in the area," State Senator Jeffrey D. Klein said.

Quindel Francis, 21, of the Bronx was convicted of manslaughter over the weekend, following two trials over the span of five years. Francis had already been in prison for shooting Fernando Correa Jr. when both were 16 years old.

James Vacca of Bronx District 13 is one of the many Council Members furious with Mayor Bloomberg's proposed budget cuts.

Speaking of Vacca, a Daily News editorial fumes over Bronx politicians' inattention and inactivity in regards to rising unemployment in the borough. Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. is also cited for being "clueless and missing in action."


  1. Sounds like Van Nest is like a lot of other parts of the Bronx, including Bedford Park. The next neighborhood over may have a concentration of banks, but many neighborhoods have none. Most surprising is that banks are often only interested in opening up a branch in neighborhoods that already have a number of branches.

  2. Thanks for the comment!

    Yes, it's extremely surprising. You would think that lack of competition in these neighborhoods would have branches flinging their doors open for the public. I'm left wondering where this selectivity comes from. It's very strange.

  3. A lot of it has to do with commercial strips. Banks only want to open up near thriving commercial strips, so hence their concentrations on Jerome/Gun Hill, Bainbridge/204th, and Fordham Road, and not much else in between. Smaller commercial areas like either end of Bedford Park Blvd get overlooked.

  4. That's fascinating. It has definitely become a vicious circle: Banks aren't opening in areas with little commercial activity, and potential commercial activity is hindered, in part, by the lack of bank presence!

  5. I heard there was a shooting / murder on Dekalb Ave but haven't been able to find any news of it online. I find that a bit disturbing, Amber can you do a bit a journalism and report?

  6. There was a murder on DeKalb last Friday night, early Saturday morning, the first in the 52nd Precinct in a few months. The Norwood News wrote a quick summary of it on the Norwood News Facebook page, which you can see by going to facebook.com and searching for "Norwood News." I'll post it on this blog page as well.


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