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Friday, May 28, 2010

Michael Benjamin: "Rand Paul Is An Idiot"

Assemblyman Michael Benjamin is coming down hard on Republican Senate candidate Dr. Rand Paul, of Kentucky, for vague remarks he made recently about whether or not he supports the Civil Rights Act of 1964--the landmark law that outlawed racial segregation.

Identified with the burgeoning conservative "tea party" movement, Paul was on MSNBC's Rachel Maddow show last week when the host asked him if he supports the federal law that bans segregation in schools, the workplace and public facilities--to which Paul gave a less-than-straight answer.

In a press release sent after the show aired, Benjamin had these strong words to say about Paul's politics:

Dr. Rand proposes to "take our country back" by freeing corporations from obeying landmark federal civil rights law and important environmental protection regulations. He would take America back to the days of Jim Crow and Robber Barons.

His rhetoric is eerily reminiscent of the political rants of Adolph Hitler and Herman Gering. Sixty-five years ago this month, America and her Allies defeated the Nazis, liberated Jews, and set the stage for European prosperity. Rand Paul spits on the graves of our honored dead.

I urge the voters of Kentucky to repudiate Dr. Paul for his retrograde and dangerous political rhetoric. I urge them to elect a United States Senator who shares real American values.

Benjamin has made his own headlines recently after announcing he won't be running for re-election in the Assembly this fall, where he's been since 2003, and hinting that he might make a run for Jose E. Serrano's congressional seat instead. 


  1. Wow, comparisons to Hitler and Gering?!?..."Rand Paul spits on the graves of our honored dead." Whoa, now who's the one screaming "dangerous political rhetoric?" Not Rand Paul. Luckily, I live Kentucky and I will vote for someone who shares real American values...like adherence to the Constitution.

  2. Didn't read the article because the title was childish. I just wanted to say that calling some one an "Idiot" does not make you sound smart yourself. Obviously you were not an English major, because if you were, I'm sure you could find a more professional and less childish tone to use. For these reasons I can't take you seriously.

  3. Michael came off as arrogant and ignorant. If he would of done any follow up he would of recognized Paul's problem with it was minor parts of it that were not constitutional in his eyes. Mr. Benjamin should get a clue and and just retire. Maybe take up a lucrative business in bagging groceries, something where he doesn't have to open his mouth.

  4. let's not get carried away with semantics here, using "idiot" is not childish given the context of the argument...if you make a sound, deductive argument and conclude that a person has acted in an idiotic fashion than calling them an idiot does not reduce you to being childish.

  5. Chris_Holland_MichiganMay 28, 2010 at 2:18:00 PM EDT

    I live in Michigan, but will be honored to support Rand Paul through all announced moneybombs. Comparisons of Rand Paul to Hitler, and saying Rand Paul wants to return to the days of Jim Crow and Robber Barons, are shamefully incorrect. Those sorts of statements inspire me to donate $200 to his campaign instead of $100 for his next moneybomb. Rand Paul will support and defend personal liberty and the Constitution, unlike 99% of the politicians in Washington.

  6. Michael Benjamin has lost his mind. Here he is going off about American freedom, when it was just months ago that at an anti-gay marriage rally he spewed the same rhetoric of hate based on religious fanaticism that might have come out of the mouth of Hitler, Gehrig or the KKK. Take a look: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuwDWB4hh6w

    In this latest childish rant he wasn't looking at Rand Paul, but in the mirror.

  7. I think Benjamin must mean Hermann Goering.

  8. I would rather call Rand Paul a LIAR, as he claims to support adhering to our constitution, but only HIS INTERPRETATION of it, and not our courts as it always has been. His type are frightening, as they cannot accept the interpretation as used in our law, but wants to change the very document that he claims to defend.

  9. i don't think anyone is a hitler. i also do not piss on your grave, lady. i ardently don't piss on your grave.

  10. The bottom line is that corporations ARE the danger because corporations have no use for the constitution (especially when they can get their repub buddies to decide in their favor contrary to the constituion and/or common sense). Corporations and profit are the only things the Pauls beast care about . . . business . . . they don't care about death, business, business, business. The tea baggers profess to love the country and the constitution but they're either to stupid to realise that their "ideals and demagogues" will only give it away to be shredded by corporations or they . . . I don't know what they're thinking. The Pauls beast seem to lust after feudalism and it only takes a little reading or listening to it to find that out.

  11. I live in KY too. If Rand Paul becomes our next Senator I'll be devising a flight plan. He is dangerous and a threat to civil rights. That Constituion talk is more 'opposite speak'... he's wasted no time in cozing up with incumbant Mitch McConnell. KY is one of the poorest, sickest states in the Nation and we're on a race to the bottom for last in about everything. Sen. Mitch McConnell's earmarks to erect monoments of himself everywhere doesn't help nor will Rand Paul. I can't believe Kentuckians want more of the same we've had for decades.. REPRESSION!

  12. Does anyone know where I can get a good bomb shelter? If this goofball gets elected I'm sure he'll want Kentucky to become an sovereign nation and then probably pick a fight with Russia, Mexico, China, and every nation in Africa all at once. Wish us luck out there!


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