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Friday, September 30, 2011

Rep. Joe Crowley on BronxTalk

BronxTalk, Gary Axelbank's talk show on the borough's public access station, BRONXNET, featured Rep. Joe Crowley this week. They discussed the economy, environmental issues and the election of a Republican in a historically Democratic district. Video above.


  1. Thanks for posting this.

    Here’s a footnote … I’m proud to say that on October 11, BronxTalk will begin its 18th year. To date we’ve presented 807 weekly programs about the Bronx.

    (This Monday night we'll be featuring the Borough President's quality of life survey)

  2. Did anybody grill Mr. Crowley on his dubious residency as they attacked Pedro Espada so relentlessly? Is it because Mr. Crowley is white and Mr. Espada Latino? No one could handle a powerful Latino man; that is why Mr. Espada is in the position he is in.

  3. Crowley no doubt deserves and has received heat for his decision to make his fancy home in Virginia his primary residence (much like Congressman Engel deserves criticism for his digs in Maryland). Neither of them, however, are breaking election laws through their residency practices. Espada, on the other hand, was clearly in violation of the residency requirements for NYS Senators with his pied-à-terre on 201st Street -- a co-op allegedly paid for directly by Soundview, i.e. taxpayer funds.

    I don't see people having the slightest problem with a powerful Latino man. If you scratch the surface you will see, in fact, that this so-called "powerful Latino man" was really a lackey for big money interests -- especially landlords and the soft drink industry (controlled mostly by white men, by the way). Espada was and is about his own selfish interests. He is in the position he is in because he was not satisfied with the spoils of run of the mill corruption. His greed was boundless and he was very unskillful at covering his tracks.

  4. I spoke with Mr. Crowley about his residency before the show and didn't hear anything from him worth pursuing. He has a residency in his NY district and also a residency near his responsibilities in Washington. Personally, I don't think it's unreasonable for a congress member to have a residency near DC. If constituents want their legislators to be active in Washington, is it unreasonable for them to have a home near there?

    The difference with Mr Espada is considerable. He moved into the district for the express purpose of running in a district that was not his home. Also, his base of work is not in or near Mamaroneck, where his home is, so it's just not explainable for him to actually live there while serving as a state senator in another place. Neither of these considerations apply to Mr. Crowley.

    As for the contention about slanting an interview because of race, I can't speak for anyone else, but I can tell you definitively that if the interview subject is black white blue green hispanic caucasian asian indian or anything else, i research them and approach them in exactly the same way.

  5. For God's sake, his kids go to school in the tony Virginia burg he calls home. Was the residency issue off the table as a condition of the interview? It's kind of a big deal.

  6. As a rule I don't do conditions for appearing on BronxTalk. After 17 years, anyone who agerees to come on the show knows that I am completely independent and ask whatever I individually want to ask, no holds barred.

    We just have a difference of opinion. I don't think that residency issue is as important as the many other issues we discussed on the show.

    Best regards... and thanks for your interest in BronxTalk.

    P.S. the phone are open so if there's something you think i've missed you're free to ask it yourself.


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