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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cross Bronx Exclusive on BronxTalk

Tomorrow night BronxTalk will present your first look at the "Cross Bronx Expressway Initiative," a movement by some forward-thinking Bronxites to try to address the nation's worst highway and a virtual killer in the Bronx. Bronxnet's channel 67. 9 p.m. Monday night. 

One of New York City's longest running TV talk shows now in its 18th year, BronxTalk is seen each Monday night at 9:00pm on Bronxnet's Cablevision channel 67.  It's also on Verizon Fios channel 33 and streamed live at www.bronxnet.org.  Hosted by Gary Axelbank and produced by Jane Folloro, BronxTalk is repeated each day at 9:30am, 3:30pm, and 9:00pm. Archives are available here: BronxTalk archives


  1. It's not really a virtual killer to those who have been killed.

  2. Do people really die on the Cross-Bronx more frequently than on other roadways? Or is this just over the top rhetoric?

  3. Actually, if you watch the show, what i said at the outset is that it's a killer because of what it does to Bronx lungs.

    Coincidentally (or maybe not!), on the day we did the show, there was a front page story in the Daily News about a horrific accident that killed one and maimed another on the Cross Bronx (which i referred to on the show). One of the reports i read about that accident said that the lack of a shoulder on the Cross Bronx (which is a consistent criticism of the road's design) was a cause of the tragedy.

    So you're free to interpret the semantic any way you want, but that's my explanation of the way i phrased it. Thanks for your interest in BronxTalk.

  4. "what it does to Bronx lungs"??? You're kidding, right? You have no evidence for that at all!

    I've seen maps of asthma cases in the Bronx - they are NOT grouped around the Cross-Bronx in the way that would lead ANYBODY to believe that it was the cause.

    Would air quality be better, or worse, if traffic had to use some other route?

    Is traffic on the Cross-Bronx even the major pollutant? Or is it indoor air pollution? Or maybe all that black soot we see blowing out of all those apartment buildings with faulty boilers?

    I've hardly seen any black soot coming out of truck exhaust on the Cross-Bronx, but the crap settling out of the air from the apartment across the street will strangle you!

    As usual, more baseless rhetoric from GAX, and no useful information or thoughtful discussion. Simple repetition of "everybody knows," that originated from a few nameless know-nothings!

    Gee, thanks.

  5. You have a point about boiler exhaust but I have to respectfully disagree about your other ignorant comments. Gary is right and so is the NY Times on truck exhaust links to respiratory illnesses.  I don't recall the last time the NY Times has been regarded as a "few nameless know-nothings!" but I am sure they will print that story when they find out who you are. Or the research scientist and doctors at the NYC dept. of health. 

    New York Times 

    I don't have the time nor space to convince you otherwise but 
    I will like to invite you to one of our initiative presentations that i will be conducting  at several  Community Boards thru out the Bronx. The purpose of this invitation is so you can be educated on the merits and also have the opportunity to receive a mass amount of information on this matter from the experts.  I don't want you to misconstrue or embarrass yourself in a public forum when commenting on issues regarding Cross Bronx Expressway in future. 

    If you are interested in attending a meeting please email us at crossbronxinitiative@gmail.com 

    Thank You 

  6. Please quote from that article where it actually says the Cross-Bronx causes asthma.

    Then cite your source for asthma-related deaths that might have been due to the Cross-Bronx.

    Oh... you can't!

    So I'm not embarrassed at all, because despite all your self importance, you still can't provide a shred of evidence that ANYBODY has EVER died due to asthma resulting from the Cross-Bronx.

    You just have some over-the-top rhetoric! Shame on you for the fear mongering!!!

    What you have is modest evidence that truck exhaust contributes to asthma. Ok, duh! But that doesn't mean the Cross-Bronx is the major cause of anything. It certainly doesn't mean that other potential traffic patterns with reconfigured roadways would improve anything.

    Maybe you should be crusading to make sure truck exhaust is cleaner, to reduce problems on whatever road they drive on. Oh... that would actually require a concern about asthma, instead of cherry picking stories to make a really weak case about something you already formed an opinion about. Oh, and they've already been cleaning trucks a lot. The newest models are orders of magnitude cleaner.

    If you really cared about asthma, you would be focusing on boilers instead, since it would actually be easier to address, have additional and immediate benefits for Bronx communities, and probably have a bigger total impact.

    But again, you don't really care about asthma that much, except as a supporting argument for your real agenda, right?

    Save me the sanctimony. Please!

  7. I really don't understand this. Trucks cause air pollution and asthma which are big problems in the Bronx. Trucks sit on the Cross Bronx all day and night spewing this stuff into the air. These people want to find ways to address this problem and for some reason they're being attacked like they're doing something wrong. I appreciate what they are trying to do and thank them for caring about the Bronx. I hope they are successful.


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