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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bronx Congressman on Bush's State of the Union

For those of you who didn't tune in to President Bush's final State of the Union speech, here's Bronx Congressman Jose Serrano's take. Let's just say, aside from the proposed economic stimulus package, Serrano, an outspoken critic of the current Republican administration, wasn't too impressed.

On the Iraq war:
"Tonight the American people got more of the same from President Bush -- especially on the failed Iraq war. As we approach 4,000 fatalities, and tens of thousands of wounded, we still have yet to hear a truthful assessment of the present condition on the ground, and a clear-eyed statement on our nation's future course in Iraq."

On the economic stimulus package:
"I am glad that the package that seems to be coming together focuses on helping working class and disadvantaged people...they are the people most hurt by slumps in the economy."

"I also am fighting for the inclusion of Puerto Rico and the territories in any package -- their economic fortunes are tied directly to our own."

On special projects (so-called pork barrel projects):
[Bush] would have us believe that those projects which are aimed at the needs of our communities, are the cause of our fiscal problems at the federal level...With these projects budgeted at $11 billion in 2008, and his request for spending on the war in Iraq totaling more than $150 billion for this year, it's hard to believe that special projects are budget-busters."

In sum: "Having heard much of this same speech for the past seven years, I am looking forward to a new direction and message in the 2009 State of the Union."

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  1. Yes, I too am looking forward to having a truthful, intelligent, inspiring leader, someone different from the rest, whom Americans could be proud of. Bush and his supporters' narrow-minded political agenda has been mired by big business favors (increased media consolidation and curse words on t.v.)and secrecy that mirrors the old Kremlin (wire-tapping being used for non-terrorist purposes). His party's recent hypocrisy disguised as noble, religious, intentions are revealed in Bush's false goodwill propositions (helping free the people of Iraq and No Child Left Behind), are the core of our county's problems. Since Bush has been in power, Americans are suddenly more backwards thinking. Suddenly, racism is back, seen in the hostile anti-immigration movement that scapegoats Mexicans when it should be blaming Bush and the Republican party. Americans suddenly think that one cannot question their government and the word tolerance has been treated as a bad word. Americans remain mostly ignorant of important recent political events; new laws and acts that endanger their freedom and some of which consequently increase coporate power. Americans must enforce accountability at the polls and vote against the running allies of those responsible or else. Unless they wake up, then unfortunately America will only get worse and never live up to its true potential as a country that maximizes justice, freedom, and good will for the individual. P.S. While I respect you Mr. Serrano and I am grateful for your contributions to our political sysyem as a hispanic politician, I question the viability of the Democratic party in upholding freedom. To our shock, many of us have seen cooperation with Republicans on the Democratic side, on the wrong issues. I would like to see leaders who speak for me and my family, not followers who enable the corrupt during this important political chapter in U.S. history. At this point I really alienated and wish for a whole new political party that's neither Republican nor Democrat.


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