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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rudy's 1999 visit to Norwood in the Bronx

Photo from 1999 Norwood News article

In 1999, Rudy Giuliani visited PS 20 in Norwood. His performance at that Town Hall meeting in a way encapsulates the entirety of his mayoralty. Anyway, here's a look back.


  1. I'm thrilled to have Giuliani out of the race. One of my favorite Giuliani memories was the way he treated that legally blind man at the Norwood town hall meeting. He was looking for work, and had applied for many city jobs. Rudy solicitously referred him to the appropriate department head for assistance, then when the man made a comment critical of Giuliani's welfare to work program (he said something like, maybe there's not a lot of city hiring going on since you're getting people on welfare to do the work for nothing), Giuliani turned on him in a second, and snarled, "Now I see why no one wants to hire you."
    Where all the hostility and ego comes from, I really don't know.

  2. I might attribute it to a Napoleonic complex. However, his endorsement of John McCain was quite humble and flattering. Does anyone else think Rudy was posturing to be McCain's running mate if he wins the Republican nomination?

  3. Not sure what that would gain him, Nick. He probably needs a Huckabee to rouse the evangelicals.

  4. Thank god that the uber-fascist is out of the race. Given his involvement in the 9/11 operation where he sealed off the crime scene to investigators who were clamoring to inspect the steel, and also discarded the evidence in direct violation of law, he is really only fit for the gallows, not the white house.


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