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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

More Bush Bashing from Engel

Fellow Bronx Congressman Eliot Engel (pictured to the right) echoed his colleague Serrano in pointing out Bush's shortcomings following the president's State of the Union address.

Engel, however, chose to enumerate all the problems facing our country because of Bush's policies.

"The State of the Union is not good," began Engel's blunt statement.

Here's a couple of other cheery highlights:

"The economy is in deep crisis..."

"Unemployment is rising and has passed a level not seen in recent years."

"Over a trillion dollars of our debt is being held, mostly by the Chinese, and the debt keeps increasing..."

"Far, far too many of our citizens, especially millions of children, have no health insurance..."

"...the lofty goals of the No Child Left Behind Act failed to have the necessary level of funding for it."

"In Iraq, there is no exit strategy, and no talk of one for our troops."

In the end, Engel offered a few suggestions to the President, including:

"He should have offered the promised funding for No Child Left Behind..."

"He should have offered an extended unemployment benefits package to help our laid off workers."

"There should be a program to reduce our deficit..."


  1. Engel is nothing but a zionist tool. The dude actually brags in his campaign literature about how much money he provides to Israel!!

    Maybe if he actually lived in the district he represents he would realize that people want the wars to end.

  2. Engel is a creep who staked out for 6 hours!!!! to shake Bush's hand. We hear that Mr. Engel can't even meet with his constituents after
    weeks and weeks of prodding about fair trade and human rights in
    Mexico, Haiti, Peru and more... Many people want him to stop the Bush
    plans to fund impunity and violence against civilian populations, yet
    he trots out Bushies to his Sub Committee constantly to talk about how
    great Bush is. He is of course a very busy man, see this:


    Now what should residents of his District do?

    Here are his staff salaries! And they dare not arrange a meeting with
    constituents on such a historic shift in U.S.-Mexico relations which
    he's allowing to take place under his 'watch'!


    One has to wonder what they do with our money.



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