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Monday, July 14, 2008

44th Precinct near top in CCRB complaints

The 44th Precinct --which includes Highbridge --generated the third-highest number of complaints against the NYPD in 2007 among the city's 123 total precincts.

The 44 was the source of 244 complaints filed last year with the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB)-- the city agency that reviews civilian allegations of police misconduct--according to the agency's most recent status report. This figure ranks the "44" behind only the 75th Precinct, covering East New York, Brooklyn (349 complaints), and the 73rd Precinct, covering Ocean Hill/Brownsville, Brooklyn (280 complaints), according to recently-departed CCRB spokesman Andrew Case.

Data provided by Case also shows that 2007 marked the fifth consecutive year in which the 44 had the highest number of CCRB complaints among Bronx precincts. While the 44 saw a slight decrease in complaints from 2006, when it generated 255 complaints, the 2007 total still represents a considerable increase from 2003, when 160 CCRB complaints originated in the precinct.

This pattern, in fact, reflects a citywide trend : According to the status report, 7,759 civilian complaints were filed with the board in 2007, a figure that, while slightly lower than the total for 2006 (7,662) still constitutes a 36 percent increase over the 2003 total and an 84 percent jump from 2000.

In its report, the CCRB asserts that one major factor in the significant rise in complaints over the past several years is the city's 311 system, which was launched in March 2003. The board bases this summation on the fact that "complaints filed by telephone [as opposed to forwarded from the NYPD] make up an ever-increasing portion of the complaints filed directly with the CCRB- over 87 percent in 2007."

The board does not publish a direct number, so 311 is likely the only way to contact the CCRB that most civilians are aware of.


  1. I called the 44th for 5hrs straight and all I got was someone who answered the phone; put the phone down and then hanged up on me. Didn't even ask what I need at all. This precint is very rude.

  2. This precinct arrests teenagers on such bogus charges as "trepassing", unlawful assembly & obtruction of justice. It is now unlawful to stand in the neigborhood. Is this a "teaching" precinct? Most of the officers are really young and look like they are straight out of the academy and "learning" how to make collars, write up arrest sheets etc. by arresting our children. It is an abuse of the community.

  3. I just had my second experience with this precinct. I approached an officer twice to ask a question about parking in around the Bronx and both times I was told to "keep moving" and not to "question authority in front of your kids". I was threatened with a summons if I did not proceed. the impression my kids got "what a jerk" was their first response.

  4. This evening my wife was given a three summons by a psudeo cop T. Gallagher. Our son who works at Yankee Stadium was burnt on the job, my wife was trying to locate him in order to get him medical attention.In the process she parked in an illegal spot. She saw Gallager and asked for help in locating our son, Instead this moron berated her wrote her three summons threatened to arrest her took pictures of the parked car, twisted her words and if it wasn't for the intervention of a normal female police officer he would have arrested her. For what! Trying to locate our son? We are going to file a formal complaint and have this poor excuse of a police officer removed from the public. If anyone else has been unfairly abused by this person please email information to 44precinctabuse@gmail.com

  5. While driving back to Connecticut, my fiance went into pre-term labor at only 5 months. Panicked, I pulled off the highway and searched for any hospitals on our GPS. She was in excruciating pain and dehydrated. I had wet a towel, placing it over her head and gave her water. This was a real life emergency situation. I turned onto Grand Concourse trying to locate the Bronx Hospital and was pulled over by officer 28606 of the 44th precinct. She asked "are you too good to wear a seat belt"? I replied that we were in an emergency and I had just recently taken my seat belt off to help my fiance. "What's wrong with her" was her response. I explained that she was pregnant and dehydrated and we were trying to locate a hospital. She took my license and returned to a van with four other male officers. After 20 minutes my fiance had to get out of the car to walk around in circles while we waited and waited to receive a seat belt ticket. She finally approached the officer and asked if she could hurry up so that we could get to the hospital. Female officer 28606 replied, "You're lucky you're pregnant or I'd slap the sh*t out of you". Horrified, she asked what kind of police officer in uniform says something like that? Officer 28606 then asked how could I be in labor at only 5 months? She responded that this wasn't her first child and that people go into pre-term labor every day.

    This cop's behavior was malicious, inappropriate and outrageously unprofessional. A second male officer, ID 942670, approached the vehicle 10 minutes later (to hand us the seat belt ticket). I told him that we were still waiting for an ambulance, and were beyond awe of his female partners behavior. He told us that we had been asked if we needed an ambulance, to which we explained we had not. I also added that we had called 911 after waiting 30 minutes for an ambulance and the police district supervisor. He told us that if we were waiting for their supervisor that he had more time to write more tickets. My fiance responded, write as many as you need to I am a chemical engineer and it's really not about the money at this point we just need to get to a hospital. Officer 942670 returned to our car with a second ticket for obstruction of view and told us an ambulance wouldn't be here for at least 15 more minutes when the hospital was literally one minute away. He asked if we wanted to wait that long for an ambulance or if we wanted to leave. After being pulled over for nearly an hour we drove to the hospital where my fiance was admitted immediately into the emergency room.

    This behavior, given the circumstances, is not only appalling but completely unacceptable. We will be making a formal complaint in regards to precinct 44 and officers 28606 and 942670 in particularly.

  6. @ Anonymous WHO said...
    "unlawful assemblY"
    January 13, 2010 10:12:00 PM EST

    Yes If you study law you will find out that yes it is actually unlawful to hang in congregate in front of builings/bodegas for long periods of time (IT IS CALLED LOITERING!!). If people would either take their butts (stop playing spades in front of building or having freaking cookouts!!) to the park or stay in the house they would not get arrested on dumb shit. Have you been to Riverdale or Fieldston lately??? Yes that is in THE BRONX!!! Those neighborhoods don't have idiots hanging outside all night!!!

  7. just writing to make the community know about two undercover narcotics rude unprofessional sad excuse police officers by the names of officer zappata and officer fleming from the 44th precint.The two officers unlawfully and unfairly target people of color in the community.Both officers behavior was extremely disturbing and straight up unprofessional at the highest level. The two officers tried to get me to get inside a unmarked police car without identifying themselves as police officers. Furthermore i was absolutely scared for my life because they looked like criminals themselves trying to shake someone down for money or illegal substances. i expercienced first hand police misconduct. The two under cover oficers Zappata and Officer Fleming need to be ashamed of themselves. What a horrible representation of nypd police officers SHAME ON THE 44th PRECINT AND ANYONE THATS SUPPORTS THIS ILLIGAL BEHAVIOR

  8. i meant to say illegal behavior

  9. Maybee if the residents of the 44th precinct stopped shooting each other
    Robbing, and raping, the police wouldn't need to be so aggressive.

  10. If you are so concerned with your children being locked up for unlawful assembly....why dont you try DOING YOUR JOB as a parent.
    You want the police to parent your child when it gets to be too much work for you? Sorry that is not what the police are for.
    Most people in that community are good, decent people, but you generational welfare and housing recipients have this unearned, unwarranted sense of entitlement that is the cause of all your problems.
    If you people had ANY sense of morals, values or integrity instead of such a feeling of entitlement.....you would not be in a situation requiring the Police to handle you in such a manner.

  11. The 44 Precinct is consistently at the top of the lists in categories such as Murders, shootings, Robberies and Burglaries. The confines of the 44 Precinct also has the highest numbers of Registred Sexual offenders and paroles. I say...we need more police in this area....and they should police as aggresively if not more so. Minority lives depend on this.

  12. I was just at the 44th Precinct after being stopped for having a rosary hanging from my mirror. Was arrested and when i asked to speak to the Sargent I was told that I could not. That I had no need to. I feel that if i ask to speak to someone in a higher position I should be able to.
    Cops are stopping people for no reason to get an arrest and more ours of work.They are not following the law they are breaking the law themselves.

  13. I have a long criminal history and the one detective that treated me with respect and dignity was detective Marisculo of the 44th pct. There are many @ssh*les in every profession, but he is a cut above the rest.

  14. Dec.19th,2009, i went out to cash my check(I am a poll-worker and i had just gotten it)As i passed G.concourse & Marcy Pl. on the uptown side, a police van pull up in front of me ,i stepped back thinking it would pass, instead the officer in the passenger seat(there were 3 in the van )said, come here?, i said "hello", is there a problem? He asked me my name ,i told him, then i proceeded to show him a greal deal of I.D because i had it in order to cash the check! That SHOULD have been it, instead he took my papers and began passing them back and forth, it was brutal, cold and they never got out 0f the van.Finally i said "why are you doing this to me?( i was at that time 60 yrs.old, weighted about 250 and i had a red walker. You know what he said, they had a look out for someone with a white hat (,i had on a white scarf,)and a brown coat(i had on a light beige coat)who had been out all morning selling drugs!! I had just walked out my house and the maillady was my wittness. I SAID THAT IS ALL? HE SAID 'YEAH" i SAID WELL IF THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT ME ,WHY WAS'NT THE RED WALKER MENTIONED? aLSO, WHY DID'T THEY MENTIONED MY SIZE? i ALWAYS THOUGHT AS LONG AS I WAS A LAW ABIDING CITIZEN, I NEVER HAD TO WORRY ABOUT THE POLICE,AND THAT WORKED UNTILL DEC.19TH,2009!! AFTER ALMOST 35 MIN. IN THE COLD ,(FOR ME NOT THEM) THEY LET ME GO. i MADE A CCRB COMPLAINT,WAS TOLD THEY COULD NOT LOCATE THE OFFICERS!!IT WAS HUMILIATING AND I WILL NEVER FORGET IT.SO I KNOW NOW YOU CAN BE HARRASSED FOR NOTHING IN THE 44TH.I reported it to the then commander Shea,he was awesome, he promised to deal with it. I was sorry to see him go i think he tried to do the best he could,but politics are a game the police in this city play all the time. God bless you whereever you are


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