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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Calling Councilman Cabrera

Meant to put this up earlier in the week. 

Here's the working phone number for 14th District Councilman Fernando Cabrera's new office, located at 107 E. Burnside Ave., just off of Morris Avenue and about two blocks west of the Grand Concourse:

(347) 590-2874 (You can also reach them at 2875, 2876, 2877 and 2878)

Cabrera's made it abundantly clear that he wants people calling these numbers, stopping by, hanging out, asking for help and even creating new problems at his district office.

His skeleton crew staff, pictured here from left to right, constituent services workers Anthony Springer, Timothy Tapia and Chief of Staff Greg Faulkner, have already achieved their first taste of successful advocacy.

Yesterday, a young area couple was in the office looking for assistance after being denied shelter by the city's Department of Homeless Services (DHS). After contacting DHS, a case worker soon called back and said they would be there in 10 minutes. Maybe 8 minutes later, the case worker showed up. They went over the couple's case and, although they haven't quite worked out all the details, the couple was at least given temporary shelter.

Imagine the possibilities. Give the Councilman a call.


  1. We were promised change and leadership and this is what its all about. Helping out those in the community and reaching out to those who are in need. I cant wait to see how much more of an impact our new Councilman is going to make in this District

  2. Thank you Cabrera for starting strong. Please help us in our community.

  3. Maybe Cabrera could help out Espada... the state senator is STILL trying to get an office "fully" opened in our district!!!

  4. Cabrera was clearly the best choice for the district...The Bronx need more changes like this

  5. Re: FDNY Tabling at community event for upcomeing Events to be held in the futurs .

    Dear Council Man Fernado Cabrera
    Timothy Tapia
    Michael Olivencia,

    The Recruitment & Diversity Unit of the NYC Fire Department would like to know if would be
    possible for our Uniform Staff Recruiters to conduct outreach and give out information
    regarding Career & Job opportunities at the Fire Department at the all community Events
    in the future.

    FDNY's Recruitment & Diversity Unit welcomes the opportunity to participate in
    Youth Career Events, Church Events, Job Fairs, HS/College Fairs and Community Events.
    We would also work with your organization in the development of a "FDNY Recruitment Day" .
    We have EMTs and Firefighters who can speak to young adults, job seekers
    and community residents about the various job & career opportunities the Fire
    Department has to offer. We are able to set up tables with banners, literature and
    giveaways at your organization's location and convenience.

    Career & Job information for the following positions:
    Fire Protection Inspectors
    Future Firefighter Exams and training programs
    FDNY Youth Explorer Program

    Also, for more information, please check our website www.nyc.gov/fdny
    Thank you,

    Gwen Lewis

    Your Name:Gwendolyn Lewis
    Your title:Event Coordinator Assistant
    FDNY Recruitment & Diversity Unit
    9 Metrotech Center -4th Fl.
    Brooklyn, NY 11201
    Tel: (718)999-1172 direct line
    Tel: (718) 999-3369 message
    Fax: (718) 999-0692

  6. Hello this is a question I have regarding helping my mother there who is 61 years old, Diabetic, owns a home at 2739 Decatur Avenue, has new housing being constructed around her home,and was just recently taken to the hospital, very ill on August 4th, 2010. When she returned home from the hospital the following day, the power was blown out for the entire home and the electric box was fried. Con Ed said the box was not working properly and the whole house could have burned down. She had to pay someone to rewire the box and reinstall it, so she was not able to have power for five days and a cost of $7000.00 for the bill. I would like to speak to someone to help my mother who has already paid them $2000.00 for the work they did and she still has to payback. She was out of work for over a week with her illness due to an infection and antibiotics she had to take to help her. She has bills from Con Ed that show she was over charged for the electricity since she was told by the workman that the box was old, and did not work since it was not connected properly to her property. She takes care of my nephews ages 20 1/2 and 11 years old and she works still 6 days a week to support them. My oldest nephew is also working to help with the bills but they are struggling as it is.
    I would like to know who else could possibly help my mother with this issue to check on the work that was done, if the box was indeed not connected properly to her home, why she was overcharged, and if she could hold Con Ed responsible for this unfortunate incident. I live in Pennsylvania and have been out of New York state for eight years now, so I am unfamiliar with the new Councilman/Senators/Assembly Persons.
    You could email me back at latin4mom@comcast.net with any help you could offer, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you.

    Sincerest Wishes,

    Maria Vidal


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