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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Let's get our hands to the plow" - Cabrera holds press conference on Haiti Earthquake

Mt. Hope Housing Company CEO Fritz Jean, a first-generation Haitian, talks about the need to help earthquake victims. He's flanked by district leader Hector Ramirez (left) and Councilman Fernando Cabrera (right). (Photo by Amber Rodriguez)

District 14 Council Member Fernando Cabrera held a press conference today to talk about his plan to help victims of  7.0 magnitude earthquake that ravaged the Haitian capital yesterday afternoon.

Cabrera, along with a team of church and district leaders, will be on a flight to the Dominican Republic on Monday, noting that it would be easier and faster to cross the border into Haiti than fly there.

First and foremost, Cabrera's team is taking into account the Consulate General of Haiti's immediate call for medical services. They have noted that survivors of the earthquake are largely affected by a need for medicine, especially those who suffer from high blood pressure or diabetes. Due to vast hospital overcrowding, there has also been a call for tents in order to remain operational even outside normal hospital facilities. This will be the team's immediate concern, channeling their initial efforts into the hospitals and general medical care.

Cabrera's New Life Outreach International church emphasizes humanitarian efforts abroad and has completed projects in the Dominican Republic an Africa.

Also in attendance was Fritz Jean, CEO of the Mount Hope Housing Company, a member of Cabrera's team and a first-generation Haitian. Expounding upon Cabrera's call to immediate action, Jean added, "We have to sustain the movement." Jean is only one of the many leaders in attendance that will be continuing to accept donations - monetary, clothing, medicine, food and water - throughout their campaign.

Also addressing the widespread concern as to where funds will go, Jean promises that "the resources will get to the people," and the funds and donations will be doled out to everyone in need of them, as well as avoiding the fizzle-out affect that plaques many aid missions.

When asked what our readers could do immediately, Cabrera encouraged involvement. The team is currently raising more money to provide medical supplies, but food and water will soon follow. Cabrera wishes to point our readers to the Latin- and African-American Chaplain Association (LACA): Call (718) 842-8555 if you wish to donate or help in any way.


  1. I will be donating my salary this week to the victims of Haiti. I cant wait until Fernando Cabrera gets there. Haiti needs the Lord!!!! Hope this is the beginning of transformation!

  2. We are blessed to have Rev. Fernando Cabrera representing us in District 14. He has already proven himself to put his hands to work! Thank you Rev. Cabrera .... great start for 2010.

  3. Councilman Cabrera's responce was swift. Going to Haiti is a solid act of leadership and he takes the prayers and love of those here with him.

  4. The 14th is EXTREMELY blessed to have a representative who dosent need the lights & cameras to do something. Dr Cabrera, you have my support!

  5. Special thanks to our District 14 Councilman Cabrera for the encouragements he is setting out and for helping in every and any possible ways. Haiti will not only be blessed, but will heal in no time.

  6. Initially, my question was, "Isn't he the councilman for the 14th district.. in the BRONX.. where we need him?" But then as I thought about all of the Haitian immigrants in the district and throughout this great city.. and as I thought about how "rich" we are in the Bronx, compared to the villages in Haiti, my question changed to, "WHO ELSE IS GOING WITH HIM?" This earthquake was no joke.. and helping people in need, no matter where they are, is honorable and noble.. Good Job Cabrera!

  7. Awesome Job! Cabrera proves again he is doing this job for the right reasons...helping people. No matter where they are from.


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