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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bronx Foodie: The Best Bars to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

If you want to celebrate St. Paddy's Day, but don't want to have to go all the way downtown for the Saint Patty's Pub Crawl, here are a few Boogie Down Irish bars to check out. The BxNN staff are partial to Bronx Ale House, because it's close to our office and has a great selection of craft beer (plus Guinness). Last year they had live musicians playing the bag pipes. The Piper's Kilt, on W. 231st Street, is another, more traditional, favorite. Riverdale Pressers swear by An Beal Bocht.

The Woodlawn community has some great Irish pubs. Check out Katonah and McLean avenues.

The Norwood community used to be home to so many Irish pubs -- 18 at one point -- back in the 1980s and early 1990s that they called the area "Little Belfast." Now, only two remain: McDwyer's and MacMahon's on E. 204th Street.

In Bedford Park, many current and former Irish Bronxites head to Shea's Emerald Bar on Jerome Avenue, where they usually offer some complimentary traditional Irish fare. Madden's near the D train station also usually serves up some Shepherd's Pie and corned beef.

And we haven't even mentioned the east Bronx, which is home to classic joints like the Throgg's Neck Clipper.

Below is a list of some terrific Irish bars in the Bronx:
Bronx Ale House
216 West 238th Street
Neighborhood: Kingsbridge

Rambling House
4292 Katonah Avenue
Neighborhood: Woodlawn

An Beal Bocht Cafe
445 West 238th Street
Neighborhood: Riverdale

Pine Tavern
1913 Bronxdale Avenue
Neighborhood: Morris Park

Rory Dolan's
890 McLean Avenue
Neighborhood: Technically Yonkers, but close enough

Shea's Emerald Bar
2960 Jerome Ave.
Neighborhood: Bedford Park

Piper's Kilt
170 W. 231st St.
Neighborhood: Kingsbridge

Throgg's Neck Clipper
3599 E. Tremont Ave.
Neighborhood: Throgg's Neck

Note: We're sure we missed some great Irish pubs in the borough. Let us know about your favorite St. Patrick's Day Bronx destination in the comments section.


  1. Ok, 2 things here:

    1) the ale house is not near you office. It happens to be in a white enclave that seems to be gentrifying

    2) St Patrick's day is a catholic feast day. Why would you disrespect this catholic holy day by connecting it solely to drunkenness, alcohol, and generally uncatholic behavior?

  2. It's great that you advertised for so many of the good spots in the area. I can't help myself, the article is full of typos -- It's not "Patty's" Day -- it's "Paddy's" Day -- the name is Patrick not Patricia. It's An Beal Bocht or The Bocht -- not The Bacht -- and it's "McLean" Avenue not "McClean" Avenue. Sorry, I just had to point them out.

  3. There are so many bars closer to you guys in Norwood than all the way over in Riverdale Jr., Van Cortlandt Village. Why would you guys go all the way over there? Do you not like drinkers with your neighbors in Norwood? What's wrong with them? No wonder local mom and pop stores up and down 204th/bainbridge area can't stat afloat. The folks with money to spend go and spend it in fancier neighborhoods. I really thought you guys were a grassroots people power type of organization.

  4. Ummmm, you missed the biggest typo of them all - in the header!!! St. Patricks Day should obviously be St. Patrick's Day.
    BxNN, please fix this. How do you miss that?

  5. "The BxNN staff are partial to Bronx Ale House, because it's close to our office..."

    Totally untrue. Bronx Ale House is almost 2 miles from your office.


    There are lots of bars closer to your office than the Bronx Ale House. In fact some of the bars on your list are closer. Clearly proximity isn't the criterion you're using to decide which bar to patronize. What is the reason you go to the Bronx Ale House? Do I sense a subtle classicism here? Would Bronx Foodie like to respond?

  6. Can you please change the typo in An Beal Bocht's name in the body of the post? Why are the readers editing this thing?

  7. Can we get a clarification from Bronx Foodie?

  8. Anonymous,
    I like the Ale House because it has craft beer and it's actually not that far from our office. It's not THE closest bar, but I don't mind the trip because of what the bar offers. I've been to lots of bars on the list, it just depends what I'm in the mood for. Do you have any favorites?

  9. Ummmm, I think the anonymous poster was asking you to clarify how and why the post had so many errors in it. But since you are defending the Ale House closeness thing, let me ask you this: Do you walk, drive or bike the two miles from your office? It sounds like you go out of your way to drink with other white people at a hipster bar. You couldn't hang in a real Bronx bar with real Bronxites. Oh, how the other half lives!

  10. Ummmmmm, the Bronx Ale House has good beer, but is far from a "hipster" bar or lacking for "real Bronxites." It's in Kingsbridge, one of the most diverse, interesting parts of the borough. I was in there on St. Patrick's Day and it was a mix of folks, young and old, black, Latino and white. Not a hipster among them. This isn't Brooklyn. We don't have hipster bars in BX. Oh, and Bronx Foodie is written by a Latino woman named Ivonne Salazar. She ain't white. Your racially-charged criticism is way off base. I'd also argue that the bars in Norwood, like McDwyers, are packed with white people. You're wrong anonymous hater person.


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