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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bedford Park Bloggers Get Their Due from Times

New York Times photo by David Goldman

So, I guess you could say they've now had their 30 minutes of fame (though we bet there's more to come).
First, Bedford Park bloggers Lou and Erin Cicalese (pictured above) -- founders and authors of boogiedowner.blogspot.com -- were covered in The Hunt, a Times column that tracks New Yorkers' searches for the ever-elusive affordable and desirable living situation.
And this morning the couple gets some more ink in the City Section of the Times, this time for the blog, since it's one of the very few in the borough despite the blog-a-block culture in Brooklyn. (Sometimes it seems like there's one for every Bugaboo stroller there.)
Congrats to the boogiedowners.


  1. Good to see a new blog devoted to a resiliant and beautiful part of New York.
    Lived here since 1975 ( immigrant from Italy) and, like many of residents of the Bronx, refused to move as the borough was left to fend for it's self during those terrible years of the 70's, 80's and 90's. Many are now resitant to any attention, especially when it comes from newcomers,just be patient. But, I sense that you are truly going to do the best you can and bring attention to the borough it deservers. There is so much (quiet and unquestionable) pride in the people that stayed and tended it's little fields and cleaned up the sidewalks, fought for services and libraries.
    Anyway, I want to see much more mention of some of the adorable and immaculately clean (and tasty) restaurant that are scattered around the borough--
    I have visited some and would like for you to try them out..
    Curry Spot (Woodlawn)
    Santa Clarita ( Willis Ave)
    Beccofino ( Riverdale Ave)
    Alexander's CAfe (Alexander AVe near Bruckner Blvd)
    Zero Otto Nove ( Arthur AVe)

    You should try and link to Chowhound as well, that would be great.

    Best of luck and I will be checking in.

  2. This is a crazy coincidence, but we actually got a tip about Santa Clarita from another BoogieDowner reader and checked it out yesterday - delish! We'll be posting a little review in the next couple of days.
    Also, we posted on Alexander's Cafe a few weeks ago. You can see the review by using the search feature in the upper-left hand side of the page.
    I know what I am about to say is a bit sacrilegious, but Zero Otto Nove is not a fave of mine. The ambience just doesn't do it for me. We're more of an Emilia's family! We will have to check out the other places you've listed.
    Thank you very much for the encouraging words!


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