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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bronx General Election Results

The results are in. As expected, both Democrats retained their US Senate seats and Democrat Andrew Cuomo crushed Carl Paladino to become governor-elect. Here are all of the unofficial results from all of the Bronx congressional, state senate and assembly district race (not an upset or a GOP victory to report), courtesy of NY1:


16th District
Jose E. Serrano (Dem) 51,731 95.41%
Frank Della Valle (GOP) 2,488 4.59%

17th District
Eliot Engel (Dem) 75,070 70.7%
Anthony Mele (GOP) 26,131 24.61%
York Kleinhandler (Con) 4,983 4.69%

7th District
Joseph Crowley (Dem) 63,364 79.69%
Ken Reynolds (GOP) 15,076 18.96%
Anthony Gronowicz (Grn) 1,072 1.35%

State Senate:

28th District
Jose M. Serrano (Dem) 29,432 91.94%
Jon Girodes (GOP) 2,081 6.5%
Keesha Weiner (Con) 498 1.56%

31st District
Adriano Espaillat (Dem) 39,803 83.85%
Stylo Sapaskis (GOP) 5,095 10.73%
Ann Roos (Grn) 1,741 3.67%
Raphael Klapper (Con) 828 1.74%

32nd District
Ruben Diaz (Dem) 30,123 94.25%
Michael Walters (Con) 1,838 5.75%

33rd District
Gustavo Rivera (Dem) 20,934 96.99%
John Reynolds (Grn) 650 3.01%

34th District
Jeffrey Klein (Dem) 30,089 67.17%
Frank Vernuccio (GOP) 14,709 32.83%

36th District
Ruth Thompson (Dem) 38,494 95.78%
Robert Diamond (GOP) 1,694 4.22%


76th District
Peter Rivera (Dem) 13,343 90.8%
Steven Stern (GOP) 1,104 7.51%
Walter Nestler (Grn) 248 1.69%

77th District
Vanessa Gibson (Dem) 10,678 95.52%
Tanya Carmichael (GOP) 362 3.24%
Robert Marrero (Con) 139 1.24%

78th District
Jose Rivera (Dem) 5,270 90.18%
William Sullivan (GOP) 574 9.82%

79th District
Eric Stevenson (Dem) 12,028 96.09%
Deborah Benbow (GOP) 389 3.11%
Henry Bonet (Con) 101 0.81%

80th District
Naomi Rivera (Dem) 9,074 73.56%
Joseph DeLuna (GOP) 2,743 22.24%
Robert Goodman (Con) 518 4.2%

81st District
Jeffrey Dinowitz (Dem) 13,543 76.96%
Joseph McLaughlin (GOP) 4,055 23.04%

82nd District
Michael Benedetto (Dem) 16,085 73%
Michael Rendino (GOP) 5,949 27%

83rd District
Carl Heastie (Dem) 15,977 96.4%
Patrick McManus (Con) 314 1.89%
Trevor Archer (Grn) 283 1.71%

84th District
Carmen Arroyo (Dem) 9,584 91.24%
Rosaline Nieves (GOP) 920 8.76%

85th District
Marcos Crespo (Dem) 9,806 93.71%
Leopold Paul (GOP) 378 3.61%
Arturo Santiago (Con) 280 2.68%

86th District
Nelson Castro (Dem) 7,016 77.77%
Hector Ramirez (WF) 1,528 16.94%
Rene Santos (GOP) 283 3.14%
Lisa Marie Campbell (Con)195 2.16%


  1. So HECTOR RAMIREZ had the guts to run again vs incumbent NELSON CASTRO? Guy has courage...but lacks the language, charisma and leadership skills needed to defeat the scumbag of CASTRO. Let's admit it though, the County Chair HEASTIE did not give RAMIREZ their FULL support so in essence, he was alone.

    In 2012, which is around the corner, we will see another interesting election. Word on the streets is that HAILE RIVERA, is already holding bi-monthly "strategic meetings" at his apartment on University Avenue (my source was invited and attended one of these). RIVERA VS. CASTRO...now that would be an interesting race to watch...

  2. Say what you will about Mr. Hector Ramirez but he was simply used as a pawn (makes me wonder if county truly wanted a stronger candidate all along?) in this race to consolidate power. A stronger candidate would not have been endorsed without being beholden to County. Fortunately or Unfortunately (depending on your perspective) it didn't happen. In terms of the lack of County Chair HEASTIE's full support, I'd disagree with such assessment since County and all their cohorts stacked the deck against Assemblyman Nelson Castro during the primary and lost. As for yesterday's general election, it was interesting to see how a whisper campaign failed them as well. Now, moving forward it will be quite interesting what other candidates emerge to challenge Mr. Castro in 2012. Will Castro be stronger by then? Only time will tell. In the meantime, something must be said when the constituents from the 86th AD re-elected Mr. Castro despite all the odds.


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