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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

BxNN Story of the Day: Should Soda Be Off Limits to Food Stamp Recipients?

The Norwood News' 'Be Healthy!" section takes a deeper look at the controversy surrounding the Bloomberg administration's proposal to prohibit the use of Food Stamps for the purchase of soda.


  1. Oh wow! Won't touch this with a ten foot pole. If you agree that the soda should be banned, you'll be labeled a classist, racist, anti-poor, condescending asshole who thinks she knows better than people on SNAP. On the other hand, the far left (including this blog-site) always advocates for food summits, and nutrition demonstrations, etc.

    So where does the ultra left editorial board of this blog-site fall on the issue?

    Do you adhere to the professed dedication to combat obesity and increase nutrition or do you carry the leftie banner of not imposing any restrictions on recipients of public benefits? Oh course, we don't want to stigmatize anyone, right?

  2. Oh wow, someone just outed the BxNN! Hahaha.

  3. @ Anonymous#1 & 2 as a black woman, budding product who emerged from the poorest surroundings of the Bronx, and totally independent from both major political parties, I am appalled by your statement and agree that there should be a restriction of purchasing these products that are so often marketed to these neighborhoods. One of the main things I witnessed while growing and exposing myself to meet people of more privileged backgrounds, is the consistency of education and frequent outlets of healthier options. These items are targeted in these neighborhoods because they are cheap, but become expensive in the long run when it comes to managing health. Statistics show that in 10 years diabetes will increase by another 25%, then will you be blogging about how the government is not doing enough to prevent that? Hats off to ALL programs changing neighborhoods!!!

  4. From the Norwood News article:

    “I’d be the first to say that soda is not a great thing for people, and we should definitely tell people to drink less soda,” said Joel Berg, executive director at the New York City Coalition Against Hunger. But he disputes the claim that soda is the number one cause of obesity, and says making bans like this will discourage people who need the help from enrolling in the food stamp program.

    What a crock of SHIT!!!!!!!!!


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