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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day Guide in the Bronx and Beyond

The midterm elections have arrived, and the Republicans look likely to capture the House and make big gains in the Senate. It could be a very bad day for President Obama and the Democrat Party. On its website, the Washington Post has published an interactive map, showing the key battles in each state.

Here's how the statewide races shape up in New York:

In the race for governor, Andrew Cuomo (Democrat, Working Families Party, Independent), the current attorney general, faces Carl Paladino (Republican, Conservative) and five other candidates.

Incumbent Senator Charles Schumer (D, WF, Independent) faces Jay Townsend (R) and Celia Clark (Green).

Incumbent Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D, WF, I) faces Joe DioGuardi (R, C), and several other candidates.

In the race for state attorney general, Eric Schneiderman (D, WF, I), a state senator who serves parts  of Riverdale and northern Manhattan, faces Dan Donovan (R, C).
Thomas DiNapoli (D, WF), the incumbent state comptroller, is being challenged by Harry Wilson (R), Julia Willbrand (G) and John Gaetani (Libertarian).

The attorney general and comptroller's races are expected to be competitive; the others, not so much, with big wins for Democrats predicted.

With the exception of State Senator Pedro Espada, Jr., who was defeated in September's primary by Gustavo Rivera, no incumbent Bronx Democrats are likely to lose their seats (what with the high number of registered Dems in the borough). The party is, however, in danger of losing the Senate in Albany, which could have massive implications for Cuomo's agenda (assuming he wins).  

The polls opened at 6 a.m. and will close at 9 p.m. To find out where to vote, click here or call 1-866-VOTE-NYC. Depending on where you live in the Bronx, here's who you'll see on the ballot when it come to local races:

Office: U.S. House of Representatives

(Click here for a map of U.S. Congressional districts in the Bronx)

Congressman Jose E. Serrano (D, WF) faces Frank Della Valle (R, C). (16th District)

Congressman Joseph Crowley faces Kenneth Reynolds (R, C) and Anthony Gronowicz (G). (7th District)

Congressman Eliot Engel (D, WF) faces Anthony Melé  (R, C). (17th District)

Office: State Senate
(Click here for a map of the state Senate districts in the Bronx.)

State Senator Jose M. Serrano faces Jon Girodes (R) and Keesha S Weiner (C). (28th District)

Schneiderman is running for attorney general. In the race to replace him, Adriano Espaillat (D, WF) faces Stylo A. Sapaskis (R), Raphael Klapper (C), Ann J. Roos (G). (31st District)

State Senator Ruben Diaz, Sr. (D, R) faces Michael E. Walters (C). (32nd District)

Gustavo Rivera (D, WF) faces John Reynolds (G) and John McCarthy (R). (33rd District)

Ruth Hassell-Thompson (D, WF) faces Robert L. Diamond (R, C). (36th District)

Jeff Klein (D, WF, I) faces Frank Vernuccio (R, C). (34th District)

Office: State Assembly
(Click here for a map of the state Assembly districts in the Bronx.)

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz (D, WF) faces Joseph McLaughlin (R, C). (81st District).  You can read more about that race in the Norwood News. The two candidates debated on BronxTalk recently.  Watch it here.

Assemblyman Peter Rivera (D, WF) faces Steven Stern (R, C) and Walter G Nestler (G). (76th District)

Assemblyman Jose Rivera (D, WF) faces William J Sullivan (R, C). (78th District)

Assemblyman Michael Benjamin is stepping down. Eric Stevenson (D, WF) faces Deborah Benbow (R) and Henry Bonet Jr. (C). (79th District)

Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera (D, WF) faces Joseph DeLuna (R). (80th District)

Assemblyman Michael Benedetto (D, WF) faces Michael Rendino (R, C). (82nd District)

Assemblyman Marcos Crespo (D, WF) faces Leopold L Paul (R) and Arturo Santiago Jr. (C). (85th District)

Assemblyman Nelson L. Castro (D, 1) faces Hector Ramirez (WF), Rene L. Santos (R), and Lisa Marie Campbell (C). (86th District)

Assemblyman Carl Heastie (D, WF) faces Patrick McManus (C) and Trevor Archer (G). (83rd District)

Assemblywoman Carmen E. Arroyo (D) faces Roseline Nieves (R, C, I). (84th District)

Assemblywoman Vanessa Gibson (D, WF) faces Tanya Carmichael (R) and Robert Marrero (C) and Robert Goodman (C). (77th District)

One final thing: There are also two referendums on the ballot this year, one concerning terms limits, the other campaign finance.


  1. Great summary. One small quibble - you say:

    "In the Bronx, no incumbent Democrats are likely to lose their seats."

    Not quite true. One incumbent Democrat is 99.99% certain to lose his seat (I'll leave .01% chance in recognition of the very remote possibility of a stealth write-in campaign) The incumbent is, of course, Pedro Espada. Voters in the 33rd Senate District did our job in the primary to remove of this incumbent from the ballot. I'm looking forward filling in that bubble for Gustavo Rivera to make it official -- Senator-Elect Rivera. Here's hoping he will be part of a strengthened Senate Democratic majority.

  2. Thanks for pointing that out Jack. Not sure how I managed to (briefly) forget about Espada. I made the change to the post.

  3. Don't forget to turn your ballot over to vote on the propositions. Number 2 is especially important to environmental justice communities afflicted with most of the city's noxious uses.


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