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Friday, July 22, 2011

Bronx News Roundup, Friday, July 22

Welcome to Friday's Bronx news roundup. Let's get down to business, starting with the scorched earth we are all living through here in the Boogie Down and elsewhere around the country.

Weather: The National Weather Service says temperatures could reach 104 this afternoon and have issued an Excessive Heat warning. (My question: is there an Egregious Heat warning?) Tomorrow it is supposed cool down to a high of 100. We won't see any real relief until Monday when temperatures are expected to drop down into the relatively frigid low-80s! 

Story of the Day: Bronx Cop Penalized for Ticket Fixing
The Bronx ticket-fixing scandal has claimed its first victim. (Unless, of course, you factor in the criminal cases that blew up in the face of prosecutors who were relying on testimony from cops implicated in the scandal.) Gregory Manning, a former financial secretary with the Patrolman's Benevolent Association, pleaded guilty yesterday to departmental charges at the NYPD Advocate's Office. Manning, who had testified three times in front of a grand jury called to investigate dozens of cops implicated in ticket fixing, was docked 40 days vacation, suspended for five days and issued a $500 fine for his transgressions. Manning had already filed retirement paper work, but the NYPD would not process it because the veteran cop was involved in the ongoing grand jury investigation. This could be a path others implicated in the scandal who want to retire might take as well.

Quick Hits:
Rev. Carmen Hernandez, an outspoken advocate for gay rights and LGBT justice, and her partner Dorris de Armas, a grandmother, will be one of 98 couples getting married in the Bronx on Sunday, the first day gay marriage will be allowed in New York. (764 couples are scheduled to tie the knot in the five boroughs Sunday, the most ever on a single day in NYC history.) In an interview, Hernandez talks about her love for de Armas, her homophobic mother and her decision to come out to her congregation at age 30.

Here's our exclusive story on the upcoming rally Bronx postal workers are holding, along with Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr., to protest the shuttering of the borough's post office branches and mail processing plant.

CNN profiles South Bronx environmental activist superstar Majora Carter.

The Times takes a look at the Bronx heavily-Irish neighborhood of Woodlawn: “Where else can you go to the corner deli and get a loaf of bread from Dublin?” Chick Donohue told the Times. “And I can go into a pub and have rashers [Irish bacon] with my Guinness.”

More details in the case of the Bronx teenager who is accusing two 46th Precinct cops with beating him outside of the station house.

The heart-warming story of 13-year-old genius Bronxite Autumn Ashante's acceptance into the University Connecticut, first reported by the Daily News, continues to unravel. After first reporting that Autumn had been accepted at the school and was preparing to enroll for the fall semester, the paper followed up with a report saying Autumn's acceptance had been rescinded. Now, the school is saying Autumn was never accepted and therefore her (non)acceptance was never rescinded. The second report contained confirmation of Autumn's acceptance from a university spokesman who now claims the confirmation never happened. The first report contains no such confirmation from the school.

Details on the fights on tap for the Knock Out Cancer boxing event at Hunts Point produce market tomorrow night.

Plus, our Bronx sports roundup has an awesome montage of Brett Gardner highlights.


  1. What is this world coming to when a so call Reverend is gay and then marries someone of the same sex? Scary!!!

  2. Happily we still have freedom of religion in American and she - and you - and all of us can interpret personal religious values as we choose. Even better, now the NY State legislature actually supports this concept.... and it's about time.

  3. "The Bronx ticket-fixing scandal has claimed its first victim" -- What on Earth are you talking about?

    Should you say something more truthful? "The first perpetrator in the Bronx ticket-fixing scandal gets off light."

    He did this to himself knowing there could be consequences. The only victims are the residents of our city, who live with the crimes committed by corrupt cops, and by criminals who couldn't be prosecuted based on the testimony of corrupt cops.

    What I don't get is why we are still paying this guy to enforce the law? He broke his oath, and no jury is going to accept his testimony after they hear about how hard he worked to break the law. He has disqualified himself to do the job we are paying him to do.

  4. I believe the world is coming to a great place when our Reverends share the love of God with everybody, instead of trying to selectively read an ancient text to justify their bigotry and hatred.

  5. God love's everyone the same, matter what you are he love's everyone in the whole world. And he approved gay marriage too. I'm a gay Christian also

  6. What is missing in this discussion is that while God loves people, he does NOT forfeit truth. If you truly allow the bible to speak for itself, the conclusion is clear that this type of behavior is anti-Christian. Yes, in this nation you can practice whatever religion and however you want, but this does not make it right. Legalilty does not equate morality.

  7. Oh, whatever. It is with a forked tongue that you invoke the word "truth."

    I went to church for years. I sat in the pew every week next to people who cheated on their spouses, then got divorced and married somebody else. Some of them got divorced and remarried again. Churches are even willing to perform these second marriages.

    If you really, truly believe in a literal reading of the Bible, then you know that ancient text is much more clear and vocal about adultery than it is about homosexuality (you know, the whole Ten Commandments thing).

    God loves everybody. Jesus associated with prostitutes, and he never failed to challenge the self-righteous who would single them out for abuse. Do you really believe he would approve of your discrimination of gays?

    Are you truly without sin to be casting these stones?

  8. Here we go again, people taking scriptures out of context. You stated< "Are you truly without sin to be casting these stones?" Read you bible. Jesus told the same lady, "go and sin no more". So Jesus would have to the homosexual the same things, along with the adulterers and fornicators. He calls all to repentance. This is not about cheap grace. Grace is not a license for people to sin. Jude 1:4 spoke about those who would "turn the grace of God into licentiousness..." Yes, God is a God of love, but his love call us to repentance. Hypocracy in others is never an argument as to why a behavior should be consider right or wrong.

  9. Bible? It's a subjective book. Your bible, my bible, his bible, her bible, their bible, may all be different and under the laws of this nation they're irrelevant. You are totally within your right to believe that there's an immorality at work and you are free to associate with people who agree with you, pray that way in your church, and bring up your children like that.

    But you are not free, nor is anyone else, to comandeer the laws of the land based on your bible or yours or anyone's religious beliefs and that's what this entire exercise is about.

    For me, seeing children celebrating with their two father or mothers and seeing people in love being able to kiss each other in public in my home state of NY was a wonderful, uplifting thing and gave me hope about the future of us all during these otherwise difficult times.

  10. Out of context? The only person taking scripture out of context is Anon @ JULY 25, 2011 1:08:00 PM EDT.

    The moral of the story wasn't the sins of the prostitute. It was the way we deal with our fellow sinners.

    Singling out one group to scapegoat is wrong. Jesus himself made that abundantly clear. Selecting one part of the passage doesn't eliminate the clear moral of the story.

    If you think gay marriage is wrong, don't get gay married.

    Meanwhile, we should all try to show a little more love, instead of looking to persecute others!


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