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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Council Majority Leader Joel Rivera of the Bronx Now Selling Real Estate

We missed this in our earlier roundup. Joel Rivera, the City Council's majority leader is going to work for RE/MAX Results, a Bronx real estate broker based in Throgs Neck.

Rivera, now a "newly licensed sales associate,"  had this to say in the company's press release:

“I have been committed to public service my entire life so working in a service industry like real estate is a natural extension for me. I enjoy helping to build communities and working with Bronx families to help them make the best decisions and achieve the American Dream. Real estate is the best investment a person can make and I want to offer the top notch service. People deserve to have the anxiety removed from the buying and selling process and for it to be as seamless as possible.”
Rivera, who is term limited, will not be able to run again for his seat in the 15th District in 2013, though it is  possible that his father, former Bronx Democratic Party chairman Jose Rivera, will vacate his Assembly seat so his son can run to replace him. 

(Hat tip to the New York Observer for alerting us to this.)


  1. This is going to come back to bite him. When's he up for reelection? Some time after the race, this will be your lead: "City Councilman Joel Rivera has been giving below market rates on highly sought after real estate to companies and individuals who have donated to his campaign."

  2. how dare he! he should be ashamed of trying to drive up the property prices and rents in our neighborhoods. it's people like mr. rivera that are driving the poor and immigrants out of the bronx. they want to turn new york into playground for the rich.

  3. To Anonymous at 1:31:00 PM: Real estate agents do not give rates on real estate transactions, mortgage banks do so there is no possibility of what you said being true at all.

    To Anonymous at 4:16:00 PM: Why does being a real estate agent mean that he would be driving up property prices and rents? A real estate agents assists people through their education and expertise on buying or renting houses or apartments. In fact, many of the new buyers and renters in the Bronx are immigrants so you are wrong on your second point as well. There are many affordable houses and apartments in the Bronx and that is what a good real estate agent does, they help people find the best deals.

  4. Reading is FundamentalJuly 5, 2011 at 7:39:00 PM EDT

    it is painful to read how misinformed people are on this blog...firstly, he's not up for re-election in 2013, read a newspaper, or the very article you commented on at least. Secondly, how is he driving immigrants out of the Bronx? he just said he wants to help them...the ignorance is appalling sometimes.

  5. At least he's putting his time to more good use, instead of his usual Street sign unveilings or health fairs/blood drives which is the only thing he seems to do in the neighborhood now a-days.

  6. It seems that being a public servant in this city is a lose lose situation I'm switching majors. You are scrutinized and criticized even when the arguments are nonsensical and very often completely inaccurate (as we see in this very blog). I say he should stick to real estate. At least he will make his living in the private sector while still helping people achieve a most coveted goal of owning their homes.

    Many blessings to you Joel! RE/MAX Results has added an MVP to their team. Don't worry about the critics, they can go on throwing stones, only God can judge.

  7. It's a shame it was the NY Observer that found out instead of a local Bronx periodical.


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