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Monday, November 9, 2009

Bronx Congressmen Celebrate House's Passing of Health Care Reform Bill

On Saturday, November 7, Bronx Congressmen Eliot Engel, Joseph Crowley and Jose E. Serrano were three of the 220 House representatives to vote in favor of the highly debated Affordable Health Care for America Act.

This revolutionary health care reform bill narrowly passed through the United States House of Representatives on Saturday night with the support of most Democratic representatives. Now, the bill will go on to the Senate, where it is expected to undergo more debate and reform.

“I voted in favor of the health care reform bill this evening in one of the most important votes of my 35 year career in public service,” said New York 16th District Congressmen, Jose E. Serrano, on the night of November 7. “Nothing I have voted for in all those years will change more lives for the better than this bill."

Under the bill, all Americans will have access to health care, health insurance companies will not deny coverage for pre-existing conditions and Americans will have significantly lower price rates for health care plans, among many other conditions.

“Our health care plan gives American families peace of mind. A peace of mind that health care is not just a luxury for some, but an affordable, accessible benefit for all,” said Congressman Joseph Crowley, who represents the 7th District of New York.

In a press statement, Congressman Eliot Engel of New York’s 17th District of New York outlined a list of how the health care bill will affect people in his district, which covers parts of the Bronx, Rockland County and Westchester County.

“Of the 98,000 uninsured in district, 16% of residents under 65, will have access to coverage. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that this legislation will cover 96% of Americans. That means 61,000 New Yorkers in my district will be able to receive coverage,” said Engel.

Engel also said the health care bill will improve health care coverage for women, seniors, small business employees and the youth.

As for the future of the health care bill in the Senate, Engel said, “I look forward to prompt action by the full Senate to make this health reform measure a reality.”

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  1. Good morning I'm positing my comments, and No its not about health coverage. It's about people loosing their rental subsidy. I dont understand how you politicans sleep at night, while others are forced to go homeless. I read the paper on today, such a shame, I'm one of those families who will not be moving into their new apartments. I wonder, why do folks even VOTE for you guys. How do we explain this to our love ones, what about the people thats living in a family shelter. What puzzles me the most is how New York City Housing did not even have enough respect to tell people, but let them belieive that they were going to move into there new apartments. It's terrible how other courntries, and states are being taken care of; bail outs are handed out, and there's so many HOMELESS PEOPLE HERE IN THIS STATE. Shame on you guys. WOW let us know how your children's/child Christmas will be. Because it will not be a pleasant one for those who lost there rental subsidys. You guys really need to get it together, When you become a politican/Congressman, you need to remember you really need to care for the people, and worry about shinning yourselves. Happy holidays to all of you government officals/COngressman/Politians who act like you really care. You will never know what were going through.

    P.S this is from someone who's hurting, and is in need of finding housing.


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