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Friday, October 22, 2010

Bronx News Roundup, Oct. 22

Unhappy in the Boogie Down? A new poll says that Bronx residents are the least satisfied compared to those in the other four boroughs.

A junior high school teacher is accused of having had a yearlong affair with a 13-year-old student from IS 299 in Morris Heights, where he previously taught.

Several of the accused assailants in this month's gay bias attacks could be offered plea deals from the Bronx District Attorney next week, according to their lawyers.

A man was awarded $18.5 million by a federal jury this week after he served over 20 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. Alan Newton was cleared by DNA evidence and released from jail in 2006, where he'd been wrongfully serving time for a 1984 rape and assault in the Bronx.

Some of the world's largest pumpkins are at the Botanical Garden this week, and will be on display until Halloween. The largest, a world record-holder, weighs in at a whopping 1,810 pounds.

A man has finally been convicted for the murder of a Bedford Park pizzeria owner, 18 years after the crime took place. Police finally solved the case in 2008 after linking a fingerprint found at the scene to Israel Feliciano, who faces sentencing next week.

Bronx-based filmmaker Ronald Armstrong's new short movie is a war film with an unusual all-female cast. 

The NYPD is expanding its investigation of alleged ticket-fixing, which started with the 52nd Precinct's Deputy Inspector John D'Adamo, into other precincts in Queens and Manhattan. D'Adamo has been accused of fixing tickets for friends and relatives.

New York Democrats are lending a hand to fellow Democrats across the country in the form of hefty campaign contributions. Bronx Congressman Eliot Engel, for example, has given $75,000 in donations to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee this election season.


  1. Does anyone wonder why the residents of the Bronx are not happy living there? Old timers and newcomers resent one another. Politicians exploit both groups. The rich speak for the poor instead of giving then a voice and a job. Cops park at hydrants and ticket civilians who do the same thing. Parents blame teachers when their children don't learn.
    Others can add to the list and see how long it gets. Even the Boogie Downers are bailing out.
    They who professed to love it so much.

  2. This only proves that Fred Ferrer's "Two New Yorks" was and is still holds true.


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