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Monday, October 4, 2010

Bronx (Weekend) News Roundup, Oct. 4

Here's a behind-the-scenes look into the ongoing synagogue bomb-plot trial. The case is wrapping up this week as closing arguments are set to begin today.

Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. had some harsh words for gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino this weekend, calling the Republican an "utter nut job." Diaz and former BP Freddy Ferrer were both on hand in Manhattan on Saturday to endorse Paladino's rival, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.

Diaz is on one of several politicians predicted to be vying for a spot in the 2013 Mayoral race. 

Progress reports released by the DOE show a drop in evaluation grades for Bronx elementary and middle schools, though many blame the slip on tougher state testing standards.

An off-duty corrections officer was shot by the NYPD outside of a club on E. 161st after he refused to drop the gun he was carrying. Victor Hernandez  is now in stable condition at Lincoln Hospital.

Police are asking for help in locating a missing 15-year-old boy who was last seen on Sept. 28 near his home at 2115 Haviland Avenue.

A final viewing was held Saturday in Baychester for the six member of Joy Fellowship Christian Assemblies who died in a car accident two weeks ago.

Well-known Bronx graffiti artist Fernando Carlo was nabbed by cops this week for tagging a subway car at 207th Street last year. He had been abroad since then and was arrested upon returning to the states.

The Daily News looks back on the case of Larry Davis, a Bronx man charged with slaying four drug dealers 24 years ago this week. His capture and trial made national headlines at the time.

The new Willis Avenue Bridge, connecting upper Manhattan to the Bronx, reopened on Saturday.

Small businesses are still hurting from the recession, even if experts say the downturn officially ended last year.


  1. I think it is kind of sad that the Democrats have nothing to campaign on other than Cartl Paladino being crazy. Andrew Cuomo's positions are Republican-light. The media needs to wake up and stop covering the tit for tat and start looking into the issues. Yeah, Paladino may be unconventional, but at least he won't just continue the Democrat's policy of allowing every special interest in the state to loot the state budget.

    Cuomo and the Senate Dem's message of "reform" and "cutting wasteful spending" is laughable...Like they weren't the ones who put our state into this mess for the last 20 years. Good grief.

  2. Let's remember it wasn't the Republicans or evil Carl Paladino who raised every nickel and dime tax under the sun for the middle class. Let's remember that it wasn't the Republicans and Paladino who refused to put the stock transfer fee tax and an increase of the personal income tax on the table.... It was our Democratic governor and our Democratic State Senate who lead the charge on looting the working class -- taking away any incentive to remain in the Big Apple.

  3. Mayor Rubencito? May my eyes never fall upon such a thing! My Lord, the city would be sunk in one term. We would become one big homeless shelter, multi-service welfare center and medicaid clinic. Maybe the whole hostility toward personal responsibility plays well in the Bronx, but I would hope that the rest of the City has more common sense.

    I really do shutter at the idea of one of these pandering, faux populist, handout happy Bronx politicians rising to a citywide or statewide office. This city and state are in enough financial trouble as it is without people trying to buy votes with promises of benefit checks and pineapples.

  4. Yeah, I'm pretty sure Weiner is our next mayor...without question. Where did our last Bronx BP who was "going places" end up? Does anyone even know where he landed?

    I do still agree with the BP on the Armory issue, but if he has any chance whatsoever of moving to any citywide or statewide office he better come up with a brilliant idea -- soon. And it needs to be "outside the box."

  5. To anonymous @ 12:47--

    You are a racist. Borough President Diaz has protected the Bronx from greedy investors and big business developers trying to build another mall and provide "jobs," if you could call $8/hr enslavement a job.

    You and your kind are the backward thinking, tea party, pro-business bigots that keep this city down. Ruben Diaz would be a fantasti9c mayor who would fight for the working class New Yorkers, keep big business out of our neighborhoods and out of our tax payer wallets, and make sure that the very necessary social safety net is expanded greatly. We need a guaranteed wage for all work, and housing subsidies for people who can't afford to pay 1/3 of their income to rent. We need to make sure that the government takes care of those who are unable to take care of themselves.


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