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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Incident Outside the Bronx Hall of Justice

We received this email from a reader:

Just curious if anyone at the BxNN knows what happened this morning outside of the Bronx Hall of Justice? We heard a commotion and looked out the window to see several Court Officers using force to detain a man on the corner of 161st and Morris. Two other men were taking pictures of the force with cell phone cameras. One was thrown onto the hood of a car and placed in handcuffs. The other ran off down Morris, with at least 10 officers chasing him (they caught him around the corner). It looked like almost every court officer was out on the corner to detain these men. We saw what appeared to be one officer smashing the cell phone with pictures on it in the street.
Did anyone see or hear what happened? The Bronx Hall of Justice is the glass building at 265 E. 161 St.


  1. this information should be available from the nypd. no? is there a problem getting it?

  2. Rarely do I agree with you Gax, but I do have to say -- you have a valid point here. I can't stand when a media source asks ME the reader for details regarding a situation like this - make some calls, talk to some sources, REPORT on the incident BXNN!

  3. Unfortunately, YES, one can assume that the officers may have been using excessive force. If you see something, say something and stand up for what is right and help the police commissioner and mayor Bloombers to rid the force of rogue officers. Officers who are corrupt, brutal, and fix tickets fro friends and family and make up lies to get arrests and to get promoted to detective to make more money.

    Also, YES, in the Bronx and around the city, the poor are victimized at a much higer rate than the upper east or west side of Manhattan

  4. So what happened? Where is the follow up? What happened to the people involved? I don't feel right when a news source, and others see a wrong done, and nothing happens.


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