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Monday, January 31, 2011

2011 Annual Appeal: Just 3 Weeks Left To Donate to Our Campaign

We're officially at the midpoint of our 2011 annual appeal and so far we've raised $2,471. We've only got three weeks left to reach our goal of raising $10,000 for our programs in 2011, and we're asking for your help. If you have not donated, please donate today! To learn more about our programs, visit our About Us page.

And here's a word from Nick Napolitano, active member of Community Board 7, Norwood resident, and BxNN donor! Both Nick and his wife are dedicated fans of the Bronx News Network and we really appreciate their support.

Nick Napolitano for BxNN from Bronx News Network on Vimeo.


  1. Do the donors know they're funding a fascist website that deletes comments with which they disagree? Are still going to remain silent on your censoring policy? Is it utterly capricious and based on the whims of the editors or do you have spnd type of standard by which you judge comments? Please share your policy with us.

  2. Me and my boo just back in the boogie after cruisin....no more sun and daqaries back to the cold and ice- but dats ok cause i luv the bx heavy 4EVA. def gunna hit up my man and make sure he's got thise website there $$!$!!! Luv it hard. Gots to say tho, this boy in the video needing a shape up for real!!!! i like my mans smooth and fly just like me hunny lolz

  3. To anonymous: actually, I think the editor made it fairly clear that their policy is to delete comments that stoop to personal attacks of other posters. I am happy to support community journalism and conversation about issues that effect the Bronx, of which BxNN is a major part. Unfortunately, your daily posts are not really contributing much to discussion on pertinent issues like affordable housing, sustainable community development, or good paying employment for Bronxites. Calling the BxNN a facist website is just silly.

  4. So I ask: Why are some personal attacks allowed to stay but others not? Just in the thread that contained the deleted message there were multiple personal attacks allowed to stay (not to mention the scores of personal attacks against enemies of this blog that have always been allowed to stay. Espada called a scumbag, an animal, a thug, Bloomburg called a turd, white people called gringos, etc.).

    Either the editors need to admit that they made a mistake in allowing the earlier vitriol to stay because they were blinded by bias, or they need to admit that they were wrong in taking the comment down due to emotional reactions and similar opposite bias.

    What constitutes a personal attack in the eyes of the editors? Are you scared to own up to your actions?

  5. I didn't know this Nick person is on the editorial board of this blog site. Have you been deputized to explain the policy for the silent real editors of this website who are too scared to speak up?


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