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Monday, January 10, 2011

BxNN's Annual Appeal Launches: Support Quality Local Journalism Today!

Rosemary Ordonez-Jenkins for BxNN from Bronx News Network on Vimeo.

Dear BxNN Readers,

As Rosemary says in the video above, we need your help.

The information we provide here, and in our print publications, is free to anyone who wants it, but it costs us a lot of money to produce. We need the support of our readers to make it all work and to grow BxNN so that we can provide more news to more Bronxites.

This marks the beginning of our annual appeal campaign. During the next six weeks you’ll be hearing from a number of Bronxites like Rosemary who have come to rely on BxNN. We hope you’ll join them and become a supporter.  Our goal is to raise at least $10,000.

Some of you may only be familiar with this website, but there’s a lot more to BxNN. Here’s what we're all about:

BxNN is a nonprofit organization. Our mission is to bring high-quality local news and information to neighborhoods where no one else does. We engage, inform and empower residents so they can hold decision makers accountable and build strong communities.

In addition to this site, we publish two bi-lingual monthlies -- the Mount Hope Monitor and the Tremont Tribune -- and run a youth journalism program for high school students. (The Norwood News, a Network founder and participant, is still published by Mosholu Preservation Corporation). We also work closely with other nonprofit media in the borough like the Hunts Point Express, the Mott Haven Herald and BronxTalk.

This site brings it all together. We see it as a “home page” for the Bronx and a place for dialogue that leads to community improvement. If you're a regular reader, you've probably noticed recent additions to the site -- a community forum and calendar, resource pages on housing, crime and education (there are more to come) and SeeClickFix, which allows you to report and map problems in your neighborhood. In the coming weeks, we will be adding more features, and including more video reports.

There's simply no other place to consistently get this kind of information about your community.

How much is that worth to you? If you spend $2.50 a week for a daily newspaper on your way into work that's at least $120 a year. Isn’t local news that about your community worthy of your support, too?

Any amount that you can afford will help BxNN thrive.

It's easy to contribute. Just click the donate button on the top right side of this page. Or, if you'd prefer to send a check, just make it out to Bronx News Network and mail to: 3400 Reservoir Oval East, Bronx, NY 10467.

Thanks for reading this blog and our newspapers -- and for caring about your neighborhood and your borough.

All of us at BxNN wish you the best in 2011. And please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions. 

Jordan Moss
Executive Editor and Publisher


  1. The groveling pop-up is so annoying. This pop-up is especially annoying because it pops up at every turn. Whenever you go to a new page view you're asking me for fucking money! If I were going to give you any money, I am opting not to now. Sell more ad space if you want to increase revenue. Where will this money go anyway? To pay your salaries, rents, and mortgages?

  2. You clearly do not know the process involved in funding a newspaper nor what the words non profit mean.

  3. Wait, isn't a non-profit in the Bronx a vehicle to steal insitutional money or tax dollars?

  4. The first comment is objectionable, either remove the word or the whole comment. In addition, I have no pop up. And if the BNN needs money to continue, we should support it, not attack it. It is a great asset to the community and the Bronx!

  5. Was there or was there not a pop-up that prompted readers at every page view to donate money, BNN?

  6. Early this morning I certainly had the persistent pop-up that anonymous @ 10:42am was complaining about. I would not complain in quite such a profane way as anonymous @ 10:42 am, but I kind of had the same reaction in terms of annoyance.

    I guess the administrators of the website took it down because of complaints? Was the persistence intentional or just a technical screw up? Why and when did you all reverse course on the ad begging for dough?

  7. We took down the "splash page" because, despite the objectionable tenor of Anonymous' (10:42) comment, the reader had a point -- the pop-up popped up every time you hit any link on the site, which we felt was an undue burden to readers. We're exploring the technical possibilities now of a splash page that isn't so ubiquitous. In the meantime, none of this precludes anyone from making a donation, which we truly do need in order to continue doing what we do. Advertising supports only a portion of what we do -- if it supported everything, then some other for-profit entity would certainly be here putting out hyper-local newspapers and websites. That's what we do -- fill that gap of providing local news and info that other more affluent communities take for granted. Our campaign started today but you'll be hearing about it for the next several weeks. So, we haven't given up "begging for dough" -- not at all. Today is just the beginning and we hope you'll help us reach our goals. Thanks, Jordan Moss

  8. Waz popping bronx peeps?!! LOL I gunna talk to my fiancee bout throwing thees peeplz some money.......i luv this site and my man needs to stop spending up all his cash on xbox gamez and new kicks anyhowz! LOL don't tell him i said that
    keep up dat hussle bx newz

  9. It's so easy to be negative when you post as anonymous. Thank you to everyone else who supports our work and appreciates what we do at the Bronx News Network. You guys are great and please consider donating or spreading the word to your friends. Thank you!

  10. How about updating the state senators listed on the left side of the page? You guys spent so much time and energy trying to defame Pedro Espada, why is he still listed as a state senator? I am sure Gustavito will be not so happy when he sees that (especially coming from one of his campiagn sites, no less).

  11. Anonymous @ 2.27, thanks for pointing that out. The list has been updated.


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