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Monday, July 12, 2010

An Endorsement for Gustavo Rivera; Fernando Tirado on The Perez Notes

We're a few days late on this. Gustavo Rivera, one of several candidates looking to unseat State Sen. Pedro Espada, Jr., has been endorsed by Bill Samuels and his organization, the New Roosevelt Initiative.

"Rivera is simply the strongest candidate to challenge Espada and I urge everyone who wants [sic] a better legislature to unite behind him," said Samuels in a statement.

Samuels, a businessman, activist, and, until recently, a candidate for lieutenant governor, also pleaded with the other candidates - Daniel Padernacht, Desiree-Pilgrim Hunter, and Fernando Tirado - to step aside and unite behind Rivera. (So far, none of them have.)

The New Roosevelt Initiative has already committed at least $250,000 towards ousting Espada, so its decision to endorse Rivera is a big plus for his campaign.

In other news concerning the 33rd District Senate race, Tirado recently appeared on the political radio program, The Perez Notes. We've yet to listen to it, but topics of discussion include the Kingsbridge Armory, and, presumably, Tirado's campaign. 

As for Espada, he's holding a press conference today outside the Bronx Board of Elections to address his future as a Democrat, following the State Democratic Committee's attempts to remove him from the party.  More on this later.


  1. Interesting, Ricardo Concepcion has announced he will be running for Senator - hoping to replace Espada.

    Ricardo Concepcion for NYS Senate (33rd District)

    Has anyone any information regarding this?


  2. Obviously the last post was written by the Ricky guy---you ask if anyone has any information and then proceed to provide a link...not savvy. This is a democracy so anyone can run but just know you are making Espada's re-election easier (not to mention the late-entry).

  3. I am almost sure that Ricardo made that post. LOSER!!!.....Don't be such a fool to think you have a chance at beating Espada.

    How much money have you raised?....

    How many VALID signatures have you collected?....

    Where is your support?....

    We all know you just want the glamor and glory and that's why you will go down.

  4. DUDE!!...Take that funny looking picture off of your "campaign page"

  5. just a note.... before you put yourself out there... make sure you reeeeaaaallly want what you are asking for...

  6. Now, Now... lets not judge the guy on the wackyness of a photo.. Thats just not right... Lets judge him by his loyalty, morals, and his standards and his record and the work he has done..... Hopefully he has some to list?

  7. Short lived dream huh concepcion...


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