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Friday, November 7, 2008

Breaking News: Fordham Library to Become Animal Shelter

For two years, local leaders and residents have demanded the vacant old Fordham Library building be turned into something that benefits the underserved and densely populated community. But recently, the city quietly gave control of the 27,400-square-foot structure over to the Health Department for use as an animal shelter.

Community leaders are not happy, saying they feel the city went behind their back without consulting anyone locally about the animal shelter plan despite full knowledge that residents wanted the building for community space.

“This is outrageous and a slap to the community,” said Community Board 7 Chair Greg Faulkner, whose board has made the library renovation its number one budget priority for the past two years. “We won’t accept an animal shelter at that location.”

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  1. The library served our community for decades; its proposed conversion into a school would have served the community well as would a proposed community center. Changing a building constructed to serve community residents to sheltering animals is an insult to a neighborhood that has lacked social services and recreational space since the very first private homes and apartment buildings went up. From Fordham Road to 201st St. between Webster Ave. and the Grand Concourse, there is not one playground.

    An apt description of the City's current response to the community's need for the library building would be "the City is literally letting the neighborhood go to the dogs."

    Msgr. John Jenik, Pastor, Our Lady of Refuge

  2. C'mon people! An animal shelter is a place where poor, helpless dogs can find refuge from the mean streets... where they can be loved and given a safe haven.. where rejected cats can feel appreciated.. where puppies and kittens abandoned by their parents can grow and have an opportunity for a new beginning...

    I guess we know now how our officials feel on the issue.. Poor helpless animals are more important than poor, helpless young people. Abandoned kittens get more attention than abandoned young boys. Neglected puppies have better resources than neglected young girls. The future of the Fordham community looks bright.....

    ...if you're on four legs..

    What an insult!

  3. This is unbelievable. We have children in unstable homes who end up becoming teenagers looking for comfort in the street. And, we address that by ignoring many request to provide them with a place that can show them a different way. A place that can give them hope and resources to make something better than their current situation. When I pass the Old Fordham Library I see young people in need of help, not dogs and cats asking for a place to stay.

  4. WE DEMANDED A YOUTH CENTER...NOT A "EUTH CENTER"!!! This is an outrage and a lowblow on behalf of the city. In a time where the urban communities need more support than ever in an ever crumbling economy how is an animal shelter going to spark the economy!? How is it going to invigorate our youth (me being a youth myself) to excel in education and strive for a more prominent future? I personally worked for Animal Care & Control of NYC and know the need for space for animals since poor animals, who not because of behavior but because of space, get euthanized daily. We don't need another kill center. More adoption centers need to be made, but not at the expense of our youth. I was a young victim of the streets, getting shot, stabbed, head cracked, nose broken all because I had no where to exert my energy in a safe and constructive manor. The centers around my neighborhoods in the Southbronx only catered to students within the schoolzone or jockeys who's only concern was to play ball, since there was nothing else implemented to spark a youth's interest. Riverside was too far, and costly for my lower-middle-income-household and none of my friends would be willing to travel. I see youth hanging out at Poe Park passing time unconstructively, waisting their years. I meet and mentor teens who cannot properly read or express themselves because they can't get enough attention at school. I meet young people who aspire to play great roles in society but can't obtain the basic resources to excel. Our young people need to learn how the system works so we can work the system to our advantage. Education is such a top priority, but it's only been an incentive, when will it be an action? Where's the local government in all this? Only responses I see is from within the community and the COMMUNITY board (emphasis added on community). People need to step up. This is unnacceptable. I can write an essay detailing how bad of an idea this is but I'm only one voice...let the rest of the community's be heard. Oh wait...our city seems to be turning into a dictatorship...where the community's opinion doesn't matter.

  5. I heard a quote a while back that said "Loyalty is never silent!" Nothing can be more true. Clearly the maker of this decision does not understand that concept. Or even worse, they understand it and don't care. This is really the biggest display of "we don't think that much of you." There really are no other words except "outrage!" It is clear that the loyalty is not to the children in the area.

    In the most sarcasm tone ever, let me relay this sentiment: "I am sure we are killing animals, and not building up children."

  6. So let's see crime up, gang enrollment up, schools overcrowded, teen prostitution in the area up... and the city decides what we need for that area is an animal kill center. Everything rises and falls on leadership and this insult just shows our leadership is blind to our needs.

    Where will these decision makers be if the misguided youth that were passed over for this decides to submit to peer pressure, still blind? Who deals with the consequenses?

    This is our community and we don't need an animal shelter we need a place for our youth to be mentored correctly

  7. I gotta be honest, I've lived in the area all my life, as a kid. The library wasn't only a place for books to sit, but for kids to grow. As times changed so did the community, a community that thrives on expression from the kids dancing on the neighborhood street corners, to the kids looking for anything in which to attach a milk crate to, and play a simple game of basketball. The sad reality is that our kids these days, are bored. Bored with over crowd schools, a lack of Mentor ship, and especially a lack of life. For this once young individual I loved the fact that, there were places to go in which I could stay off the street, and build my character. These days there are no places, no places where kids can learn how to interact with a grown-up and receive that one-on-one time every young person needs.

    To now find that The Once Famed " Fordham Library " which now stands to be an Animal Shelter, I ask you THE POWERS THAT BE, come to the neighborhood where you want to place this Animal shelter.

    I challenge you to walk up and down the street 3 times back and fourth, and count the number of stray animals, and tell me if it out numbers the number of stay young people seeking an outlet to what this city has to offer.

  8. I am all for building a much needed shelter, because I do believe animals unlike humans do not have the opportunity to make choices but not at the expense of the youth in my community.

    I understand there are other options for the animal shelter. The location in Queens as the Daily News reporter a while back would have been better suited. In addition the community board also pointed towards another option.

    Our community has spoken and our needs need to be met. I certainly do not believe that our Health Commissioner would compromise the physical and mental well being of our at risk youth just like that.

  9. ..."the city quietly gave control of the 27,400-square-foot structure over to the Health Department for use as an animal shelter".

    Where are our current elected officials???? What role do they play in ensuring that OUR concerns and needs are addressed. How many people rallied for the animal shelter? It's obvious... we need leaders who will represent our concerns... finally!!!!!

    I guess they told us!!!! Programs for our community members are less important than even the animals. We need a change in leadership. Be sure we will remember this in the next election!!!!!!

    EVERYONE, WE NEED A CHANGE IN LEADERSHIP!!!!!! We obviously cannnot count on those in power now! Maria Baez, where are you????

  10. I personally am all for this shelter. There are many other places that kids nowadays can get help from and they don't want it. These animals need our help. The nearby shelters are in Manhattan and from what I read lately, they want to turn it into a spay and neuter institute. 2,000 square feet. Not bad at all. Jobs AND saving the lives of more homeless animals that in the end, end up gassed or euthanized.



  12. Putting up an animal shelter is a great idea and i think that it should be done.


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