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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Your Voting Stories ....

If you voted today, we want to hear your stories ... How long were the lines? Any problems casting your vote? Any interesting discussions with poll workers or fellow voters?

I voted this morning in Kingsbridge Heights with my wife and 4-year-old daughter. Last year, she was scared to come in to the booth with me and sat on a poll worker's lap. Today she came in with each of us as we voted. I told her to try and remember this day, that it was truly historic. Whoever wins will be the first president she probably remembers. If it's Barack Obama, the first president she'll remember will be an African American. It won't be unusual to her. Wow.

I just got a call from Don Bluestone, the executive director at the Mosholu Montefiore Community Center. He was hopping mad. Said it's chaos over there, since the Board of Elections only took one room for the polling machines rather than their usual two. "This is how they treat poor people," he said in a phone message.

I'm headed over there now. Stay tuned.


  1. Very long lines in Parkchester. But everyone seemed happy and determined to stick things out. A nun who was acting as a volunteer (and crowd motivator) was informing the crowd that equipment had arrived very late (hmmmm...)

    What ever it takes, people!!!


  2. No lines in Van Cortlandt Village. This is my first election up here (just moved up from Manhattan in August) and had no problem transferring my registration. Helps to plan ahead, I guess. I work at home, but decided to get dressed up to go cast my vote. Walked into the booth and, for the first time in New York, I voted FOR someone instead of choosing the lesser of two evils or casting a protest vote for one of the third-party candidates (since NY and the Bronx are so reliably Democratic). Forty years from now I want to be able to say I voted for Barack Obama. That being said, I exchanged good mornings with a man wearing a McCain/Palin sticker and looking proud. That's what it's all about--CAST YOUR VOTE, BE PROUD.

  3. I went to vote at PS 80 on Mosholu Parkway at 8:30 and was on line for an hour and a half. I've been voting there since 1976 and never seen more than 15 people on line before.

    It was fairly smooth although there was some confusion, mostly because people did not know their ED #. (and folks were getting confused because one of the ED there was # 80 - same as the school-you get the general picture)

    For the most part people were very patient and pleasant - there was a real sense that this was special.

    My only concern was seeing elderly people leave without voting because they couldn't stand on line.

    Sally Dunford

  4. Insanely long lines in Bedford Park. BoogieDowner was there as the polls opened at 6am and didn't vote until 7:20am.

    It is scary that the most important aspect of our democracy is administered by retirees and unemployed people. They couldn't find me on roll, sent me to the wrong district booth, and began to search for my name by looking up my first name. Shocking!

    On a positive note, the buzz in the crowd was electric. So much positive energy. When people drove by and say the long line at 6, they would honk and declare, "We're going to do this thing tonight." And everybody would cheer.

    We all knew what the motorist meant...


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