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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Secretary Carrion? What Do You Think?

Add Mr. Secretary to the titles that could be affixed to Bronx BP Adolfo Carrion come the New Year. This report in the Times today says Obama transition officials are considering Carrion for the secretary of the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development, better known as HUD.
This comes on the heels of reports that Carrion is on the list of of officials Gov. Paterson is considering for appointment to the United States Senate to take Hillary Clinton's place as she packs for the State Department.
We want to know want you think of either of these prospects. Comment away ....


  1. On Carrion: Do.Not.Want. To me the man's one of the biggest charlatans around.

  2. I think NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development Commissioner Shaun Donovan is a much more qualified and likely choice for HUD Secretary.

  3. As much as I'd like to see Adolfo gone from the Bronx, I do not think he is a competent or qualified candidate for either of these jobs. The guy is a knucklehead who has treated his constituents like garbage during his tenure as BP. It sickens my faith in government that he actually might get promoted to something bigger, particularly when the guy backed the wrong candidate in the first place! He should do society a favor and just leave politics all together. Unfortunately, the guy is too full of himself to help us in that regard. Thanks for nothing Adolfo.

  4. Well what you "knuckleheads" dont realize is that Carrion is actually well versed in the domain of Housing and Urban Development. With his masters in urban planning and starting his career working for three years in the Bronx office of the New York City Department of City Planning. He later became Vice President of Human Services and Community Outreach for Promesa, a community development organization.

    After years of service to the community you would think he would get a little bit of credit. I am sure that when he makes the move to Washington he will not forget the city and more importantly the borough he has dedicated his LIFE to. For your information there if he was so full of himself he would be in a career much more rewarding then helping ungrateful people such as yourselves.

  5. Urban planning for the rich as evidenced here in The Bronx over the past seven years. In either position, the appointment would be a grave mistake--a continuation of the Bush administration's "best practices."

  6. Adolfo will make an execptional HUD Sec. or US Senator.

    Haile Rivera

  7. Let him go. I am ready for the race in 09 for the new BP. Let's bring it on!!!

  8. Only one person had anything even mildly resembling a compliment for him, and it was a mere regurgitation of the bullet points of his resume, nothing substantial. What is good for the Bronx is bad for America. But wise choice, if this is even real, by Obama, in that he will have a sycophantic Yes Man that has been subservient to whatever vested interests hire him and Barack will not have to worry of any real ideas for the people and instead will have a most pliant stooge to direct his privatization plans. I just hope he takes the Bronx Dem Party and Borough Office imbeciles with him. A more incompetent and thoughtless bunch could not be gathered anywhere else in the city. That is plain evidence of Adolofo's ways. The Bronx is a laughingstock because of these people.

  9. What Bronx are you living in? Have you even noticed any of the changes that Adolfo has made? If you remember correctly the Bronx was a terrible place where no one wanted to go and some still view it that way. Carrion has helped small businesses move to the bronx and helped increase tourism. Many people dont want to bother with the Bronx but he has- dont talk shit about one of the only individuals who has put himself on the line for the borough.

  10. Just to be clear on this comment thread. If anyone has three specific things that Adolfo has done that has benefited the general populace of the Bronx, do post it. Otherwise, we know you just work for him with your vague praise.

  11. someone who works for him doesnt have enough time to check blogs
    +Carrion has increased total investment in the Bronx from $400 million in 2001 to almost $6 billion today, has raised property value by 40% and reduced unemployment by 6%.
    + Since Carrion took office, $2.2 billion has been invested in residential real estate, 40% of the borough president’s budget has gone to housing development and 35,000 new units have been built, 15,000 of which are classified affordable.
    +Carrión is working in close collaboration with The Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation (BOEDC), a federally designated agency for economic development in the county, to provide grants for supporting homeownership assistance programs that seek to increase homeownership rates in the Bronx.

    There's plenty more- do your homework

  12. Oh so I'm supposed to be grateful for Adolfo gracing us with his incompetence? Uh, OK. I sure hope you are getting something for yourself out of this in exchange for your praise of this guy.

    Adolfo sure did a lousy job of getting benefits for his constituents out of the Yankee Stadium and Gateway center deals. Two botched development projects that "gave away the store" to the developers and shortchanged local residents on benefits. During the whole process, local residents were crying for help on these issues, but all Adolfo was talking about was his plans to run for Mayor. His ambitions were clearly for himself, and not for this community. Once again, thanks for nothing Adolfo. And to all those Aldofo supporters out there, I hope there's something in it for you, because there's nothing in it for the rest of us! He sold us out before to satisfy his ambitions, why would he care about us as HUD secretary?

  13. Oh my gosh, please no!!!! This thin-skinned incompetent! Witness the community board members he threew off of CB4 when they voted against the stadium and their vote is only advisory! He did the same to the district chair of a community board that happened to mention that his equally incompetent wife was the attorney for a developer building hot sheet motels in the NE BX that the board was opposing!
    He is self-serving, arrogant; oh did I mention incompent! A totally disconnect except where it serves him.

  14. you got to be kidding, this fool in Obama's cabinet. Yes I want him out of the Bronx as well especially after he advocated for overturning democracy and extending term limits. However the last place we want him is in Obama administration. He will only taint it. let us all just eliminate all the borough presidents office. hey I am posting on Obama website not to pick this fool for the cabinet

  15. Hello:

    Carrión is working in close collaboration with The Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation (BOEDC), a federally designated agency for economic development in the county..."

    Uh, in reality, BOEDC is a creature of the Borough President's Office, it is a fount of nepotism and political largesse... there is not a 3/4 of a competent, really caring person there. It is amazing the stupidity there in that one den of patronage.
    Sitting at a meeting with one or more of them is excruciating to see the utter waste of tax payer $ on people and projects totally disconnected from any real community initiative. Still, I say, go with Obama, the man who wants to send more Bronx and inner city youth of color to Afghanistan, and leave the Bronx already!
    wake up.


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