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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bronx Dems Seek Alternative to Baez

The Bronx Democratic Party is eager to see Councilmember Maria Baez (District 14) ousted this fall, but is struggling to find a viable alternative to throw its weight behind, according to an article that appeared in City Hall News last week.

Yesenia Polanco, former chief-of-staff to Councilmember Annabel Palma, was once an obvious choice, the article says, but her star seems to be waning. (More on Polanco's candidacy here.)

Daily News columnist Bob Kappstatter added to the debate on Tuesday by reporting that the party has endorsed all incumbant council members except Baez. He said Party Chairman Carl Heastie is "waiting to see which of the long list of her challengers rises to the top."

By the way, the city's Campaign Finance Board released the latest campaign filings last Friday. So far, Baez has raised more money than her nearest rivals - but only just. In the next issue of the Norwood News, there’ll be more on who’s raised what, and from whom.


  1. Who doesn't like a little Russian Revolution analogy (the City Hall News article)?

    Most Bronx politicians are shameless...

  2. You mentioned that Maria Baez has raised more money than the other candidates running for her seat? I checked and it looks like Yudelka Tapia followed by Fernando Cabrera have raised the most. Not to say that Maria and Yudelka have spent a lot of it already.

  3. You're right about Tapia out-raising Baez. When I looked on Monday, though, she (Tapia) only had $21,000, or there abouts. It must have been updated/corrected, unless I read it wrong. Just checked on Cabrera. He's raised $22,764, compared to Baez's $24,835.

    According to the CFB Tapia's bought in $29,430. A press release from her campaign sent out last night puts it a little higher:

    “With most money raised, Yudelka Tapia remains frontrunner for City Council”

    For the fourth consecutive financial disclosure report to the City Campaign Finance Board, Yudelka Tapia has raised the most money. Tapia has amassed hundreds of small, local contributors from her district to further validate her grassroots support. Yudelka Tapia has raised $30,203.00 as of May 11, 2009, with over 300 contributors. Of these 300, 192 have contributed $50 or less; 231 have been from residents of the Bronx; and over 200 have been from registered voters of the 14th district. Yudelka’s message continues to resonate with the people that matter most: the residents of District 14. Yudelka Tapia continues to be the frontrunner in the 14th district council race, as her ability to raise funds has proven.

    For more information regarding the latest financial disclosure report, please refer to the New York City Campaign Finance Board website at www.nyccfb.info, where it is all available.

    If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Elias Alcantara, Communications Director at 646-384-1990 or by email at e.alcantara@yudelkatapia.com.

  4. Hey,
    Money is just one meter of how the candidates are doing! The folks living in the district need a person with a real vision. If money was that important, then why not elect only rich people? Soon or later the person who speaks to the community's issues will rise and get elected. Don't worry about money, but ask why the present councilperson has miss so many meeting? If you were a private employer, would you hire someone who missed so many days to work?

  5. I agree with the previous comment in that money is not the most imporant factor. However, a candidate's ability to raise funds from local contributors, particularly in today's economy, does validate community support to some extent. So, in the end what should be considered is where the money is coming from. Maria Baez, as an incumbent, is struggling to raise money because people know what she is about and no longer believe in her.

    As for the discrepancies in funds raised for Tapia's campiagn, if you to nyccfb.org and go to the "Public" tab and then "Campaign Finance Summaries", it says she has raised $30,203.


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