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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pinstripe Politics May 13

Yankees give City $11.5 mil, residents of City ask for the other $1.499 bil

The Yankees and the City of New York reached an agreement on Monday regarding the sale of memorabilia from the old Yankee Stadium. The Yankees are forking over $11.5 million to the City and keeping all other profits. Additionally, the Yankees are required to pay for all the inherent costs of removing memorabilia from the old Stadium.

While, it may seem like the City is getting a bum deal - the City is getting 30% of the take from Shea Stadium memorabilia - it might be the Yankees who are losing out. Souvenirs from the old Stadium are fabulously overpriced. For instance, the $80 tablespoon of soil, probably won't find too many buyers.

Lonn Trost is What is Wrong With the Yankees

Yankees C.O.O. Lonn Trost has been called many things (by me): Lonnster the Monster, the man who ruined the initials 'L.T', Trostsky, Un-C.O.O.-L, Baseball's Lonnderer, and of course, That-Jerk-Who-Makes-Everything-Expensive-and-Makes-it-Hard-to-Justify-My-Being-a-Yankee-Fan. But it might be time to add a new monicker to the Trost arsenal - Public Relations Abomination.

When asked why the Yankees are unwilling to let fans into the pricey "Legends Suite" section directly behind home plate and the dugouts during batting practice - a family baseball tradition since the Civil War - Trost replied:

"Well, if you purchase a suite, do you want somebody in your suite?'' he said. "You purchase a home, do you want somebody in your home?

Got any better nicknames for Trost? Let 'em fly in the comments section.

Also check out....

Assemblyman Richard Brodsky submitted legislation yesterday that would cap the markup on tickets that are resold through middleman websites like StubHub.

What does $200,000 gets you? For NYU kids it's a graduation at Yankee Stadium, with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as the keynote speaker. Also, a sideshow can be expected.

Keith Olbermann says that although the Yankees announced that they would be giving refunds to certain season ticket holders in sections where the price of seats have dropped, there are no refunds to give. The sections in question, 15A, 15B, 24B and 25, have no season ticket holders, says Olbermann.

For all you BNN reading Mariners fans - Appparently you can fly to Seattle, stay in a ritzy hotel, eat at the finest Puget Sound restaurants and sit in Safeco Field's most expensive seats....for less than it costs to attend one game in Yankee Stadium's most expensive seats.

Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon says that the right field wind current isn't Yankee Stadium's biggest fault....it's the slow infield.


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