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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

32BJ Endorses Assembly Candidate Hector Ramirez

Hector Ramirez (center), pictured here talking with local residents in a Mount Hope bodega yesterday, has picked up several important endorsements

Here's a mini-exclusive: 32BJ SEIU, the largest private-sector union in the state, has endorsed Hector Ramirez in his race against Nelson Castro, the incumbent assemblyman in the 86th Assembly District.

In a statement, the union said the endorsement "follows an extensive membership-screening process, in which Ramirez received overwhelming support from members for his commitment to affordable housing, creating good jobs and economic development."

Mike Fishman, 32BJ's president, said in the same release: “Through his work in the community, Hector Ramirez has shown a strong commitment to working people. 32BJ is proud to get behind candidates like Ramirez who will make New York a state that works for working people.”

The union represents security officers, doormen, porters, maintenance workers, bus drivers, window cleaners and food service workers, among others.

Ramirez has also received endorsements from the Bronx Democratic Party, Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr., the Working Families Party and others.

Another powerful union, 1199 SEIU, is also expected to back him.

We've been following this race closely and will have more in the coming days.


  1. Good decision by 30bj. Let send somebody to Albany that represent more than s suit and a pin. Ramirez is a hardworking honest individual and will represent the people of that district with dignity and respect

  2. Ramirez Campaign Staffer, I meant anonymous poster. You should read the release before commenting...

    32BJ is nothing but a political arm of the crooked political establishments. When was the last time they made a decision based on its members or community. Ramirez has been a political hack since 2002 and I just heard his name this year. Lets be real!

    Community Resident
    Nelson Castro Supporter

  3. Dear Nelson Castro Supporter or Staffer or consultant,

    I would be careful using the word corruption. That should be Castro's middle name. Convicted of cashing unemployment checks while working. Investigated for election fraud. And the latest is, Nelson doesn't even live in his latest address.

  4. Regardless of his what you think about his suitability for office, Mr. Ramirez owes the public an explanation as to why he did not appear on a live televised debate with Mr. Castro. It was reprehensible that he chose not to participate.

  5. It is more reprehensible Mr. Castro's absence in the Assembly's debate where he has one of the highest rates of absentee. Among 150 Assembly Members Mr. Castro ranks #16 with the most absentees. The NYS Assembly is the place where the assembly members debate the community’s problems.
    As an Assembly Member his/her sole duty, purpose and responsibility is to attend these debates in order to take action to improve the quality of life of the people that they represent.
    Furthermore, it is more reprehensible be a truant like Mr. Castro. Mr. Castro clearly does not respect the people of the 86 Assembly District in the Bronx who elected him as well as the NYS residents, when he fails to attend the Assembly meetings (WE THE TAXPAYERS PAY HIM TO BE THERE). Mr. Castro is more concerned with his personal scandals than the community issues.
    • Domestic Violence Case (HITTING HIS WIFE)
    • Fraud
    • Perjury Charges
    • Convicted of Grand Larceny in NYS
    • Violated the transit laws for driving in multiples occasions without insurance & drivers license.
    • As well as a Criminal case pending in the Dominican Republic
    • Criminal conviction in the state of Michigan

    A televised debate is not the forum where the community problems are going to be solved. Mr. Castro is a charlatan!
    - Darnell Scott

  6. To anonymous commentator: First and foremost a District Leader is not a paid position. Second, Mr. Castro recently stated that he was endorsed by the 32BJ (which was a lie as Mr. Castro is accustomed to). Now that the 32BJ does not endorse Mr. Castro you chose to down play this endorsement. If you are not aware of what Hector Ramirez has done in the 86 Assembly District you are just like Mr. Castro – someone who does not live within the district because if you are as you claim to be someone who is involved within the community you should know who represents you. It is your responsibility to know who represents you. Mr. Ramirez has been re-elected 3 times as a District Leader (since 2002).
    How an unknown person who is just a District Leader can be endorsed by The Democratic Party, Working Family Partly, Local 1500, UFCW, Retail and Wholesale Department Store Unions, 1199, 32BJ, Congressman Jose Serrano, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr., Assemblyman Carl Heastie, Bronx Democratic Party Chair, State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr., State Senator Jose S. Serrano, State Senator Eric Schniederman, State Senator Ruth Hassel Thompson, State Senator Jose Peralta, Assemblywomen Vanessa Gibson, Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, Assemblyman Mike Bennedecto, Councilman Fernando Cabrera, Councilman Jimmy Vacca, Councilwoman Annabel Palma, Assemblyman Marcos Crespo, etc….
    Where do you live???

  7. Tamika,

    don't forget UFT-teachers union has endorsed Ramirez as well

  8. To Darnell... Just to be clear, I am not evaluating Mr. Ramirez or any other candidate. As the host and moderator of many debates in the Bronx I don't think it shows respect to the democratic process or the voters to be absent.

    Further, if what you say about Mr. Castro was true, then Mr. Ramirez couldn't have had a better forum than a live televised debate to make that case. Then why didn't he show?

  9. Just so everyone is clear. Whatever rumors are (because that is just what they are...rumors...there is no proof cuz it doesn't exist), Nelson Castro DOES live in the district. He is lives around 183rd street and just about EVERYONE in the area knows exactly who he is. He walks around the district freely and calmly because it is his community, just as much as it is our community. I am not saying that he is not accused of anything, just saying that he does know the community.

    Also, having endorsements from the Democratic party means nothing. It's the people that count...not the political party. And just maybe, the Democratic party is not too happy with Castro because he actually gives the people a voice. he doesn't vote based on what the democratic party wants him to vote as, he votes for his community and their wants and needs.

    I have always been 100% against all politicians because personally I think they are all liars and crooks, but I must say that this has changed since I met Nelson. He is the most real politician I have ever met. He truly cares about the community and he is not easily swayed to vote on an issue because of a certain belief within his political party...he votes based on the beliefs of his constituents.

    Notice: I said nothing bad about Hector Ramirez nor do I think ill of him. For all I know he will probably do a great job as an assemblyman. I just do not like how people are speaking horrors of Nelson Castro when I am sure they haven't even had a decent talk with the guy or even met the guy. He's actually really real and cool. Like I said, I can't say anything about Ramirez because I don't know anything, but I do know that Nelson is great.

    ~Very close friend of Nelson Castro


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