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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Padernacht-Diaz Meeting To Be Rescheduled

Dan Padernacht, the underdog Democratic challenger who is taking on incumbent Pedro Espada Jr. and Democratic establishment that wants to see him go aways in the 33rd Senate District race, says his meeting with Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr., scheduled for today has been postponed. He's currently working out a new meeting time with Diaz's scheduler.

Diaz met with Padernacht's fellow challenger, Gustavo Rivera, last week. He didn't commit to supporting Rivera, but said he wanted to see Espada defeated. (In an odd twist, Diaz Jr.'s father, State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. is supporting Espada.)

Padernacht (pictured), a lawyer and member of Community Board 8, and Rivera, a longtime Democratic operative and adjunct college professor, are both on the ballot after weathering petition challenges.

Yesterday, the New Roosevelt Institute, which has endorsed Rivera and is adamantly anti-Espada, released a poll it commissioned that said Espada would prevail in a three-way race that included Padernacht, but that Rivera and Espada were virtually in a dead heat if the two matched up one-one-one.

The message from the Insitute, Padernacht said earlier today, is simple: move out of the way and let Rivera and Espada go head-to-head. It's a message Padernacht is not listening to. 

"I'm not giving [the poll results] any credence," Padernacht said. "It's all intimidation. All they're doing is turning voters against the democratic process."


  1. Dan, you are right, stay on the race. This is what democracy is all about. I wish you the best.

  2. Is Anonymous @ 5:58pm Espada?

  3. That Is Why You Used Anonymous.
    You Are A Dan Freekytoni....

  4. Anonymous Is Liking Insanity..
    Choosing The same Candidates To get Different results. Shame We here In Brooklyn Are watching This Race With disgust At The Bronx Voters.

  5. I can care less of you in Brooklyn. You don't even have your borough politics flowing together. It is NONE of your business what happens in my neighborhood. Second, I can vote for whosoever I want. IF this is the way you are getting me to vote for Gustavo, then for sure I am not voting for him. What has Gustavo done for this senate district...absolutely nothing. So spare me the manipulative ways. Dan has been involved in the community and is a professional.

  6. The people helping Gustavo are not even from the district, just like Espada.

  7. A vote for "Danny" is a vote for Espada. Don't throw away your vote. This race is too important.

    As to why so many people across this state are so interested in this race - Pedro Espada is the Democratic Majority Leader. When he had the coup last summer, it affected EVERYONE in this state. When people like Gustavo Rivera worked so hard to finally get us a Democratic majority in Albany, Pedro Espada joined the Republicans and blackmailed a nice little title for himself. When Espada pockets tax payers money for himself, his family and his friends, it's OUR money. And finally, as Espada loved to point out, he is the highest ranking Hispanic to hold public office. This is a shame, embarrassment and disgrace to every Hispanic in this state. ¡No más!

  8. The people of the district just need to get to the polls and do what they think is right. All of the politics here are simply revealing how contrived a "democratic" race can be. If you believe in a candidate, vote for them. If you don't believe in any, than don't. But, don't just vote for someone else because you don't want the other to win. That's ridiculous and doesn't give the person who deserves it a chance.

  9. It seems that more and more, a vote for "Rivera" is a vote for either Espada or "Espada-esque"...


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