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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bronx News Roundup, Dec. 7

Two Bronx police officers gave a baby CPR last night, saving her life.

In a civil suit, a Bronx man claims police officers sodomized him with a baton when they responded to a domestic dispute between him and girlfriend in 2004. Ralph Johnson, who works on Wall Street, is suing the NYPD for unspecified damages.  The NYPD's Internal Affairs Bureau (which the Village Voice portrayed as hugely incompetent in a recent article) previously deemed Johnson's allegations unfounded, and the Bronx DA declined to prosecute.

The Bronx teacher who was reassigned to administrative duties after blogging about her former exploits as a call girl, talks to Maire Claire about her past and present. [via the Daily News]

In his weekly column, the Daily News' Bob Kappstatter remembers Elaine Kaufman, the Bronx-raised owner of Elaine's, the famed Upper East Side restaurant and bar.  Kaufman died last Friday age 81. 
Come January, six of New York's 62 state senators will be Latino. If they stick together, they may give their fellow Democrats a few sleepness nights, argues political reporter Gerson Borrero.  Four of the six represent the Bronx, or parts of the Bronx, including Gustavo Rivera, who Borreo says is "expected to be the lap dog for organized labor." 

Looks like Pedro Espada, Jr., the man Rivera is replacing, is AWOL from Albany again.  Last week, Espada skipped the special session called by Gov. Paterson. 

John F. Kennedy High School is one of a dozen public schools the city Department of Education says its considering phasing-out because of poor performance.  The decision wasn't unexpected: JFK received a D grade in its latest progress report. (The closing of troubled schools has been a source of contention in recent times, with the DOE often clashing with parents, teachers, and the teahers' union.  Last year, the union and others sued the city, and successfully blocked efforts - temporarily at least - to shutter 19 schools.  Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. is another critic of the closures.  Here's his reaction to yesterday's announcement.) 

Students at MS 180 in City Island run a highly successful food drive

Yesterday, Gov. David Paterson pardoned six immigrants who faced possible deportation because of crimes committed in their younger years.  Among the pardoned: a former crack-addict from the Bronx who's now a CUNY big-wig. 

Police believe they may have collared the so-called "ice-pick robber" who was wanted for a string of robberies in the Bronx and Manhattan.

A city Department of Transportation pilot program could see the speed limit on some Bronx streets cut to 20 miles an hour.

The Barnes & Noble in Co-op City recently unveiled a 3,000 square-foot toys and games boutique which doubles up as the ultimate play area.  Here's the press release.

State Senator Jeff Klein is reminding crooks that it's now a felony to vandalize or steal from a house of worship.

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  1. Pedro and his wife made a quick visit to their Bronx Coop, probably to get it ready for another overnight guest. No time for Albany.

  2. Pedro has been AWOL from Albany since he first got elected

  3. So who caused all the trouble with his buddy, the slasher, if he was AWOL? He was there to get whatever he could get for himself: money and power.

  4. Whatever one thinks of the OTB bill (and there is plenty of room to be critical) -- about 800 NYers are out a job today. Mr. Espada chose not to do his job and at the very least tell these 800 NYers why he was voting for or against the bill or abstaining. Instead he abandoned his responsibility to show up for his job and has remained completely silent on an important issue that directly impacts many of his constituents. OTB workers will not get a paycheck in the coming weeks -- but Mr. No-Show Espada will still get paid through the 31st. Mr. Espada appears to be leaving office intent upon cementing his public image of being about nothing more than Pedro Espada. I hope that staff in the offices of the Bronx DA, NYS AG, and US Attorney are working diligently on indictments.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Re: Gerson Borrero -- the blog post is pretty silly if you ask me. What's the point? On the one hand he claims 6 Latinos in the NYS Senate could be be a block vote. In the next paragraph he says it will never happen.

    There is no doubt Gustavo Rivera is a strong ally of organized labor. I think most voters in the 33rd knew that and actually are quite pleased that someone with ties to working people was elected. To call him a "lap dog" is just insulting to him and to voters in the 33rd. I would remind Mr. Borrero that others in organized labor actually supported Desiree Pilgrim-Hunter early on in the primary. If Gustavo Rivera is their lap dog -- why was there an early split on whom to support? Let's give Rivera a week or so on the job before we pigeon-hole him.

    Not sure why WNYC would give Borrero this platform. Is his fellow loud-mouth NY 1 pundit, Curtis Sliwa to follow?

    Finally -- when did "polemic" become an adjective?

  7. Re: Espada not being in Albany this week or last. Here's a message he posted on his Facebook page on Sept. 15, the day after his primary defeat:

    I extend a heartfelt thank you to all of my supporters. What's next for me is to continue being a senator through December 31st and to continue to be a family man that I have been, a father and grandfather. Those are my first duties. I am not quitting. I have never been a quitter and I am not going to start now.


  8. He doesn't specify what is is that he isn't quitting. Anyone want to guess?


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