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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"DREAM" Immigration Bill Waits for Senate Vote

Bronx Congressman Jose E. Serrano, in video above, speaks on the House floor last week in favor of the DREAM Act.

A bill that would provide a long-term path to citizenship for young immigrant residents passed in the House of Representatives on Dec. 8, but has since stalled in the Senate, as its supporters try to drum up Republican support for the bill in the hopes of passing it before the year’s end.

The controversial DREAM Act would provide a six-year route to citizenship for young undocumented immigrants who arrived in the country before the age of 16 who have been here for over five years, requiring that they get a college degree or serve at least two years in the military.

Supporters estimate that some 65,000 undocumented students graduate high school each year, but are hindered from attending college or pursuing other career routes because of their citizenship status.

“They have grown up here and it is past time that we recognized that they merit an opportunity to become American citizens,” said Bronx Congressman Jose E. Serrano, who voted in favor of the act.

“As a nation of immigrants, it will be a shame if we cannot even agree that these people deserve a chance to become citizens of what is for many the only country they have known,” he said in a statement.

Immigration reform advocates and liberal lawmakers have been pushing for passage of the bill for a decade, though it has been met with fierce resistance from most Republican representatives and other groups who view it as an amnesty bill for illegal immigrants.


  1. Have you called your senator's office? If not, do so.

  2. Definitely, call your senators and tell them to support the DREAM ACT and vote NOW.

  3. I was against the dream act until I saw this video. Now I hope it passes. I take all my rants back. How can we punish kids for they parents faults?


  4. The Dream act is the only hope these young people hang on to. They deserve a right to equal education, they are here to make a better future for themselves and were here since they were children. They should not be held responsible for their parent's choices.

  5. Thank you, i was brought here when i was 14, didn't want to come, what kid ever wants to leave their friends behind, their family, but my mother said it would be a better life for us here, things weren't easy in brazil. I overcame the barrier of language and now i can speak 3 languages, paid for my first 2 years of college, and now i can't transfer to an University because its too expensive, and because there is no hope of ever getting a degree, since i am undocumented. this bill would be a blessing for the lives of millions of youth, through out the contry.

  6. I completely agree with the Dream Act bill but the Visa recapture should be projected within the bill so the legal Immigrants waiting in line would get their Green cards also.

  7. "How can we punish kids for Parent's fault"

    Are you calling a free K-12 education with food, clothes, subsdised housing and other medical benefits in the emergency room punishment. Not to mention not having to pay a dime in taxes. Sure they pay sales taxes. Since they need to buy groceries to live and claim the other benefits.

    As for the parents crimes. i don't see any of them paying for it either. My daughter has to pay out of state tuition whereas an illegal can pay in-state tuition. Why am I being punished? And my parents did not even sneak accross the border!

  8. It is more punishment to give them those things, but then to refuse them when they wish to return it back to the community.

  9. Well not all illegals sneaks accross the Border, i and my mom came to the USA with Legal Visa, We became Illegal whe the visa expired.

  10. Dream Act 2010. This is the MOST reasonable thing our government could ever do. It's not a matter of politics, it's a matter of justice.

  11. TO: "How can we punish kids for Parent's fault"

    You're full of crap. It's not these young people's fault that you live in a state with higher tuition rates. And on top of that, you're tying to blame this issue on the fact that your daughter has to pay out of state tuition. Maybe she should have gone to an university IN-state. Don't hate. Get more facts before you talk.

  12. well said i paid Out of county tuition which is double the regular amount, and i went the our community college, i only paid double because i had no SS#

  13. Keep dreaming, this act is total B.S.

  14. ugh it just makes me so sad to see how some of my friend's can't go to college. some of them made straight A's, grades better than me and i just think it's unfair they can't go to school because they get no help whatsoever. no loans. no federal aid. no nothing. the dream act needs to happen for all these dreamers!!

  15. Funny, THis Nation was built with Legal Imigrants, I bet The Natives didn't sign any agrrement allowing eoropeans to take over, they just took over instead!!!

  16. I robbed a bank the other day but it was no fault of my own because I didn't know bank robbery was against the law, so I get to keep the money right?

  17. Yeah don't worry anonymous hater, I will KEEP dreaming. And this will happen

  18. To the anonymous "bank robber":

    I doubt you robbed a bank. You're just trying to be dramatic. But if you did rob a bank, you're not a child are you?
    You're an adult and you can make your own choices.

  19. Yes Dream Act Will Pass.... its the right thing to do.

  20. DREAM Act in itself discriminates against legal immigrants. I have grown up in the US legally since 8 y/o (not by my choice), spent thousands of dollars throughout the years for visas, etc, graduated a 4yr university, got into grad school, registered for selective service, no crim. record, etc., and now what? I have no way to get a green card since I am in school, don't have family or an employer. I get a punch in the face for doing everything by the book? What an easy and FAIR fix to the bill to include legal immigrants and legal children! yet it is completely neglected!

  21. Not all undocumented students going to a university pay instate tuition. Only those students who attended and graduated from high school in one of ten states where the ab 540 bill (or a similar bill) was enacted and this also includes citizens who moved to another state so we don't get any special benefits.

    Please support the DREAM Act in anyway you can. I am a Biology major and want to devote my life to medical research in diabetes so I can help the millions of people that are affected by it...and I won't be able to do so without a PhD which is imposseble to obtain without the DREAM Act

  22. Let me educate a couple of ignorant folks in here!! Im illegal in this country. I came here when i was 3 yrs. old. I know no othere place to call home. Graduated third of my class (class of 2008), and I'm a college student. I pay for all of my studies i have never ask the goverment for any help, nor i plan to.
    Its frustrating to hear ignirant people saying that we stilling from this country, that we take advantage of the system, that we dont pay taxes and that all we do is eat, shit, and sleep! Let me shine some light on some of those miths.

    We work and we work hard. And for every hour we spend working we we get taxes taken out. I dont know y people keep sayin we dont pay taxes, the giverment dont care if we are illegal or not we are given a tax id number anyways. So that clear we pay raxes just like a citizen.
    Now i' ve also heard that illegals dont pay health care. Thats another lie we do. I will actully cover two miths in this one, we do have health and automotive insurance and we actully pay more than a citizen but now a day does things r nessesary.
    I also keep hearing that we steel from goverment fonds well theres really no way to prove that one wrong but i can say onr thing, have u ever thought on what actually happeneds to all the social security that is unclaim. And yes 90% of unclaim social security bennefits us from illegal imigrant that been working there whole lifes anx when retirement times come they cant claim there money and yes it is their money they been payin that money every week for the last 60 yrs.

    I really dont think there is enough space in this page for me to keep goin so ill let you with does few details that i bet u didnt know.... oh yea... ARRIVA EL DREAM ACT.. KEEP THE DRAM ALIVE..!!!

  23. @Pedro..How did you graduate third in your class and attend college for 2 years and you can not spell i.e. ignirant-ignorant, stilling-stealing,miths-myths, steel- steal,fonds-funds and I can go on and on and on! This is why some people think this act is bogus..what schools are these kids attending!

  24. no sympathy for illegals nor their children
    they did not come here from outer space
    they have a homeland
    go back to your homeland
    send the usa taxpayers a check for all the services and free education you've received
    enroll in one of your colleges in your homeland
    petition your country for freebies
    leave our country
    keep your hand out of the usa taxpayers pocket
    yes, illegals, we do not want you here
    let your parents pay you for their gall of coming here illegally and trying to pass the blame to the usa taxpayer

  25. hey pedro, why don't you educate yourself first, moron.
    third in your class, where?
    maybe you meant 'tird in your class'
    oh, my bad, I meant 'turd in your class'
    please go home to you and your parents native land and share your bilingual misspelling skills with your own people.

  26. pedro,
    were you riding the tard cart?

  27. Hey Pedro,
    Your sad story about the unclaimed social security funds- well, that's the small price illegals are paying for stolen ss#'s, working illegally, being in this country illegally and feeding at the innocent usa taxpayers trough when you've NO RIGHT TO BE HERE.
    Pedro, pack up you mother and father's suitcases, get on some type of transportation with them, gather up you siblings and go back to wherever you came from. That's right, get out. Before Christmas, you're costing this country money every second you're here.

  28. no mas illegals
    no mas pedro

  29. pedro, the next time you or your parents get their cash pay, but before they wire it out of the country, maybe you all can invest in spell check...

  30. Anonymous said...
    Thank you, i was brought here when i was 14, didn't want to come, what kid ever wants to leave their friends behind, their family, but my mother said it would be a better life for us here, things weren't easy in brazil. I overcame the barrier of language and now i can speak 3 languages, paid for my first 2 years of college, and now i can't transfer to an University because its too expensive, and because there is no hope of ever getting a degree, since i am undocumented. this bill would be a blessing for the lives of millions of youth, through out the contry.

    December 14, 2010 2:37:00 PM EST
    You are the sort of excellent citizen that your home country needs.

  31. Aftermath of the DREAM ACT. The "Catch 22" travesty.

    The most obvious question to ask, if the Dream Act passes in the Senate currently, are the parents still liable for excludability from the United States? If the parents are illegal by definition, can these people be deported? Let’s face it the students might get special relief under The Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act, but that doesn't mean the parents are free and clear? Those who enter without inspection have committed a federal crime Title 8 Section 1325 of the U.S. Code, and ICE are charged to knock on the door with an arrest warrant, once they know the abode of the student’s family? These scholars are the perfect GPS to zero-in on all the rest of the family under one roof. How is greasy Senator Harry Reid of Nevada and his hard Core liberal progressives going to slip this "Catch 22" around the Immigration and Customs Service? Yet the Lib-Democrats are adamantly insisting this in not any kind of Amnesty?

    If the Senate has some sleazy amendment that states the parents cannot be deported, then this is simply another—AMNESTY--that is being slipped past the American people. Then we should demand of a second question if this Dream Act is passed by the Senate. Who is going to pay for the Mother, Father, Sister, Brother and extended family members? Eventually in the majority of instances the taxpayer, bares the whole dollar package in the end. Fair stated on its website, " In 2001, the United States admitted 1,064,318 immigrants--enough people to create a major city the size of Chicago. Why is immigration so high? One of the reasons is chain migration. In chain migration, one immigrant sponsors several other immigrants for admission, who then sponsor several others themselves, and so on."

    So the third question to ask after forwarding 9 years at the rate of chain migration, and a estimated 1 million a year being given permission to immigrate or migrate. Then the US government estimates we have only 13 million illegal immigrants? There is no possible way this number is correct, unless the have already been brain-washed? Learn the facts, not lies, propaganda spread by the Left Wing Press at NumbersUSA. The Pew Hispanic Center, has estimated a total of 2.15 million persons who might qualify for the DREAM Act. Then simply estimate that if both parents entered America illegally, a projection can assume 5 million blood relation illegal aliens are in the student’s home, who can be charged with unlawful entry and taken into custody?

    In addition--any Student--come to that, any illegal alien can join the military in time of conflict. One does not need the Dream Act to be recruited into the armed forces, using 8 USC § 1440, these illegal aliens can become naturalized citizens through expedited processing, often obtaining U.S. citizenship within half a year?

  32. wow! u guys are soo mean! if american children are so lazy and so dumbb to study math and science like chinese, well children of immigrants will do. thats y america is number 30 in maths! and 27 in science! based on the international report card!
    yo momma didnt teach u how to share?

  33. I don't understand! Americans addimitted most of us here, and some came illegally. If you research the statistics, they are millions and millions of illegal immigrants In America. Now your solution (citizens) is to simply deport all these immigrants therefore causing the American economy to fall rapidly. My solution is , of the 1 million something illegal immigrants who came here without their concent (meaning the youth who came here under the age of 16) who follow the rules, no criminal record...etc can be given a chance to a path of citizenship, that way they can further on help the economy grow, by going to college/military. This will solve some of the illegal problem here in America. Now we also have to remember that. Immigrants will continue to come here. so the whole securing the borders is not a bad idea.

    I came here when i was 14 months old, I am 20 years old now, graduated from high school, and a college student. my visa expired when I was 10 years old, so believe me it was not my choice to be illegal. You all make it sound easy to just tell a person like me to go back, when America is all I have known. I want to be a general surgeon, but I want to serve my country first. It has been estimated that if this Act passes America will make more than $ 2.2 billion. That is not bad considering that we are billions and billions of dollars in debt!
    So yes I support the DREAM ACT

  34. To anonymous who came at 14 months and is now 20 years old- so now you know you are here illegally, so GET OUT. What is stopping you? You want something you do not deserve.
    You and your family were admitted as visitors and so were the others you claim that "America admitted", you were NOT admitted to live, you were admitted to visit. You and your illegal brethren broke the law, have the courtesy to leave.
    Don't let the door slam you on the way out.


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