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Friday, October 24, 2008

Fernando Cabrera also running in District 14

As several readers have pointed out, Fernando Cabrera, founder and pastor of New Life Outreach International Church (and many other things), is also running for the City Council seat in District 14.

I neglected to mention him in the original post, which was, as someone pointed out, a "huge over site." Cabrera's filed with the Campaign Finance Board, but it doesn't specify which seat he's after - hence the mistake. He does, however, have a campaign Web site (thanks to anonymous for the link) and is clearly in the running in the 14th, unless yesterday's term limits decision, and the likelihood that Maria Baez will seek another four years, has put him off. (I've left a message with the church. If and when I hear back I'll post his thoughts.)

For the record, we've mentioned Cabrera's desire to run on several prior occasions. See here, here, and here. It wasn't my intention to ignore such as "substantial factor," as one reader called him.

Cabrera's inclusion certainly makes things interesting. Baez will have her work cut out if see wants to keep the seat, especially if her biggest supporter, Party Chairman Jose Rivera, is ousted.

One more quick point. We love your comments - especially the ones that point out our mistakes - but please sign your name, even if it's just a first name. It creates a more open dialogue, and that's what we want here.

Anyway, I thought I'd post the comments readers left on the original post more prominently. Here they are:

A huge over site in this article is another candidate for District 14, community leader and Pastor Dr. Fernando Cabrera, who indeed has launched a campaign to run for District 14. Dr. Cabrera has also launched a website (www.fernandocabrera.us) and is currently on his way to raising the funds for his campaign. This is a crucial over site in that his influence and service in the community is quite possibly something that will allow him to become a crucial candidate for this up and coming election. From what I have observed not only does he complete projects within his community as a pastor in service to the community, but he has a strong backing of leadership behind him who get things done. His congregation continues to thrive as well as his connections and influence among other congregations in the Bronx area. I would check out his website... - Anonymous

I agree Dr. Cabrera has been working and reaching out to the community for the last 20 years. It's time for a change and to bring Dr. Cabrera, to take over this community. I encourage everyone to visit fernandocabrera.us and read it for yourself. SUPPORT DR. CABRERA! - Anonymous

Everybody knows Pastor Cabrera around our way. He hooks up with a synagogue every year to clean up our park and plant bulbs for the spring. He's also headed up lots of community concerts for youth, giving the neighborhood kids games, toys, bikes and even basketball courts. He's always fighting to bring good things in our community.. Fighting to bring youth centers and media labs and stuff like that. If he's running, then He's got my vote.. Thanks to Anonymous for the link.. Im going to check out that website now. - Manuel from the Bx

Like a lot of things with politics this article is missing the important issues and important pieces. It is missing one of the “the up-and-comers,” Dr. Cabrera. Dr Fernando Cabrera has been a pillar in the community where he Pastors. Since he has been there he and the people who he has behind him have worked tirelessly in effecting change to the community. The drug dealers who once owned the corners have moved away. He has organized a rally to acquire the old Fordham Library, and he is involved with the renovations of the neighborhood parks. I really don’t know how this article could miss out such an substantial factor of the 2009 election. Check out www.FernandoCabrera.us and see for yourself. - Anonymous

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