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Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Bright MMCC Baseball league Parade

April 10th, unlike last year, a bright, sunny, crispy cold Saturday morning played host to the Mosholu Montefiore Community Center Baseball season opening parade. MMCC's megaphone welding high energy Bob Altman, led the participants who started at 3450 Dekalb Ave. The parade went north on Jerome Ave then made a left into wooded Van Cortlandt park, finally ending at a lush green baseball field. State Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr, Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, City Council member Oliver Koppell walked with the little leaguers and pitched the ceremonial opening balls. As always, it was a pleasure making photographs of my neighbors, I hope you enjoy the slide show.

Please click on the photos to view them larger with captions. Not all photos have names, if you leave me information in the comments, I'll add it to the photo captions.


  1. As a long time coach, sponsor, and supporter of the MMCC Little League, nothing warms my heart as much as the sight of our Bronx children gathering for another season of baseball.

    However, a lot more needs to be said here. Not too long ago the MMCC Little Lleague was bursting at the seams with nearly 1,000 players. What this slide show does not indicate is how many children are now part of the league. It's not a stretch to think there are hundreds fewer. And more importantly where are they playing and practicing since the renovation of Harris Field has been botched by the city and is unusable for the foreseeable future?

    This report says they marched to a "lush green baseball field" in Van Cortland Park. I'm assuming that's the renovated Shandler Park, which has a total of two fields. You don't have to be a genius to realize that many children are staying home this season because, rather than the many fields they SHOULD have available, the city's screw-ups have condemned them to watching cartoons on Saturday mornings instead.

    Don't get me wrong, these photos are fabulous and inspirational. However, THAT's the story that needs to be told here.

    And let's add to it that you won't hear a lot of squawking about it from the excellent, wonderful, caring, and hard-working people at MMCC because they know if they say too much, funding will be cut for their vital senior and teen and adult programs, etc. THAT's part of the story here, too. Can we please start telling it like it is?

  2. do you do anything else but complain and dwell on the negative, Gaxie?

  3. Complaining and looking at things with a critical eye are two entirely different things. There is no question that the MMCC little league is a great benefit to the community, but if fewer children are enrolled because of lack of ballfields in our community- then this is indeed an issue worthy of investigation by the Norwood News and other media.

  4. dear anonymous... clearly you don't know me. if you identify yourself, i'll be glad to educate you personally. lunch is on me. you pick the bronx place and we'll have some fun. check out my show this week about bronx movies... and especially check out the show that's going to air memorial day week about bronx beer, bronx soda pop, and bronx memorabilia. i'm as big a cheerleader that the bronx has.

    on the other side... i'm passionate about where i live and what i do... and i can't stand it when people i love and respect... the kids of MMCC and the staff there... are abused by their city... and even worse... when no one else has the guts to speak up. so i do it.

    again, identify yourself... or send me an email at bronxtalk@hotmail.com and lunch is on me.


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