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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Serranos Continue Assault on New Arizona 'Anti-Immigrant' Law

Above is a clip of State Senator Jose M. Serrano, who represents the south Bronx and east Harlem, in Albany denouncing Arizona's new immigration law and calling for comprehensive immigration reform, saying the current system destroys families.

Then, just a few minutes ago, the senator's father, Bronx Congressman Jose E. Serrano sent out a statement calling for Major League Baseball to move the 2011 All-Star game, scheduled to be held in Phoenix, "due to the extremist anti-immigrant law enacted last week in Arizona."

Serrano said there's precedent for this type of stance. The NFL rescinded its offer to hold the Super Bowl in Arizona in 1993 after the players union warned that it would not play in a state that didn't honor the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr., which it didn't at the time.

Serrano said: “This anti-immigrant law is unjust, wrong-headed, mean-spirited, and unconstitutional. It is important that everyone who believes in justice and our national spirit of decency speak out against this measure. MLB has a very loud megaphone and their rejection of Arizona’s action would be an important demonstration to the state that we do not tolerate such displays of intolerance in our nation.”


  1. Note to Serranos: they are not anti-immigration laws, they are anti-ILLEGAL-immigration laws!

  2. What part of Illegal don't you get Serrano?
    They break immigration laws
    Than they break the law with forged papers,
    No license
    No auto insurance

    Babies get born in city hospitals for free to the immigrant but at a cost of thousands for the taxpayers.

  3. I doubt Selig and the MLB powers will go along with a boycott, but I hope there will be some individual players refusing to go. I wish Carlos Delgado were still in his prime. He is one of the few players with a social conscience -- he might have led a boycott.

  4. Dewwey here in Arizona, you guys don't get it down here arizona is not anti immigrant. We are anti illegal immigrant. Those that are crossing the uncontained border, smuggling drugs and people. we are the kidnapping king in the usa. the ranchers on the border live in fear.We need a secure border and all immigrants need come to America the proper way, follow the law.


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