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Friday, April 16, 2010

Espada to Rally for Rent Freeze Bill

State Senator Pedro Espada is holding a rally in Albany on Monday at 1 p.m. to urge passage of his "rent freeze" bill. We covered the controversial measure in this February post.


  1. Too funny! This is the best he could come up with to counter the news of the day regarding Ms. Pilgrim-Hunter? His tired, dead on arrival, rent-freeze bill? Everyone knows this bill is about Pedro trying to appease his landlord buddies who are financing his campaign. The bill has zero chance of passage. We can see through the curtains Mr. Wizard of Mamaroneck. No one is buying your game.

  2. What a day for Pedro from Mamaroneck! Now we learn that the Feds are investigating him.


    The best part of Pedro's woes is that the slime bag landlords are getting totally getting screwed because they backed a corrupt, two-bit hack.

  3. The Espada rent freeze bill is a very good proposal, and will help seniors and the poor. He has my vote

  4. It's about time somebody like Espada, a guy with chutzpah, unafraid of the slander-mongers in this paper, got behind us tenenats! Good for him! He has all the support of the Bron, for sure, no matter what the slanderers, hate mongers, and libel -advocates say in this very partial as in very slanderous-mongering "newspaper" run by political hacks who use press credentials to promote thier own agenda. You can't be a non profit, while throwing stones of libel, malicious slander at anybody...including Espada, but every slanderer will have their day in Court, for sure. We thank you Mr. Espada, for working for your community, instead of bothering with these rabble rousers.
    thank you Mr. Espada, for fighting for seniors, the poor, and the marginalized. We never forget that you too...was a kid who suffered through your own hardship and you have done a lot of good for many people.

  5. Right on...Pedro Espada has guts!
    He does his work, and ignores the chumps and fools who waste time discrediting his work. It does not take any courage to slander a Senator like Pedro Espada, unless you are a big coward with no brains, and most Bronx residents know the truh, he's on our side. Courage is what Espada has- as he stands up to the misguided, misinformed hacks in this "press" who use thier positions and perks, to libel and discredit him. Those of us who appreciate what Espada is doing, ignore all the libel displayed here. Criticise the man, yes, on his policies, but don't slander him with unfounded, unsupported claims. We appreciate you Senator Espada. These folks don't speak for all of us, that's for sure. At least we have manners in this posting. We are not part of the frat-pack fraternity of wannabees who play slander-politics while asking for money for the "non profit".

  6. Pedro Espada is a coward, as a longtime Bronx resident in his district I can't wait to vote him out, he has never represented us, and never will, HE DOSEN'T EVEN LIVE IN OUR DISTRICT. He is a corrupt politician who does nothing for the people except maybe passing out the occasional pineapple, just a useless human being, WHO WORKS FOR THE LANDLORDS. When my building contacted his office for help, after having no heat and hot water all they did was bring the slum lord to an impromptu meeting to try and stop us from having the rent strike we needed. He has received at least $200,000 from the landlord lobby. THE BRONX DESREVES BETTER, cheers to Desiree Hunter for stepping up and taking this felon and lowlife on.

  7. The comments in support of Espada reveal a lack of knowledge about the facts behind his phony "rent freeze" bill. This bill is a landlord backed bill that will deregulate approxametly 100,000 apartments that were illegally deregulated by landlords. The funds to support the so called freeze probably wouldn't even pay for the freeze for a year. The bill's purpose is to fool and destract his constituents, tenants and tenant supporters. He has no respect for the poor and working class. Pedro is about Pedro only! Good luck Ms. Pilgrim-Hunter!!!

  8. The pro-Espada posts were probably paid for...


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