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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pilgrim-Hunter Still Deciding, Espada Building War Chest

Here’s a little update on the state Senate race in the 33rd District—the seat currently occupied by majority leader Pedro Espada, Jr.

Though she’s yet to officially announce her candidacy, potential challenger Desiree Pilgrim-Hunter has been stepping up fundraising efforts, with two house parties held at the end of March.

According to her ActBlue page—a fundraising website for the Democratic Party—Pilgrim-Hunter’s raised $3,495 so far.

In a brief phone interview, she confirmed there will be more events in the coming months and that “April is pretty much booked up.”

Pilgrim-Hunter, an activist known for her efforts in the redevelopment of the Kingsbridge Armory, first announced the idea of running to the Bronx News Network in February. Community organizer Yorman Nunez, who is helping with her campaign, said Pilgrim-Hunter is still in the “decision making process” but that an announcement will be made “very soon” regarding if she will “take a step forward or continue exploring her options.”

“She’s not taking the decision lightly,” Nunez said. “Whatever decision she makes, she puts her heart in it.”

Fundraising efforts seem to point towards a run. Jack Marth, who helped organize a party on March 22, said in a phone message that it was “hugely successful” and “only the beginning” of more campaign work.

Espada has also been raising money. A Daily News article says he hosted an Albany fundraiser in March that cost a $1,000 to $2,500 donation to attend. According to the New York State Board of Elections website, his campaign committee, New Yorkers for Espada, has raised $304,450 since the start of 2009.

A lot of the big-money donors appear to be in real estate and development. (Espada is the chairman of senate’s housing committee.) You can take a look at who’s donating, and how much they’ve given, here.


  1. FYI, many of the individual donors listed as giving to Espada are the principals of real estate developers and owners.

  2. Greg is right. For example, the notorious landlord, Larry Gluck of Stellar Management, gave $1000.00 to Pedro:


    Another significant corporate presence on the list is soda companies. Hmmm, I'm sure that support has nothing to do with Espada's stated opposition to the the so-called Sugar Tax?

    Looking at that list certainly makes me proud to have given few bucks to Desiree! I hope others will too. You can do it right at the Act Blue link in the story.

  3. I was wondering why ANDREW FREDMAN ARCHITECT LLC would be contributing to Espada, since his address is listed as:

    NY, NY 10018

    That question was quickly solved by checking his website:

    Listed as a major project is none other than Soundview Medical Center.

  4. And this one may explain some of the anti-transit votes...

    1140 BAY STREET

  5. There don't seem to be many Bronx addresses, and some of those are outside his district...

    Is that normal?

  6. Regarding out of Bronx addresses being "normal" -- I guess it is more "normal" than being a Senator from the Bronx but actually living in Mamaroneck!

  7. LOL...Thank You Internet Gods....The NorthWest Bronx is waking up..lol

    Northwest Bronx Democrats

  8. The fact that BNN is even writing about someone who is contemplating on contemplating the contemplation of a run for office is absurd. Anyone else but Espada, and BNN wouldn't be giving any ink to this "candidate" who's mulling whether to mull her candidacy. The morons with their ignorant comments, supporting a big nobody, obviously don't live in the 33rd district. Residents of the 33rd can't wait to re-elect Espada and the influence and services he is able to deliver because of his status as majority leader.

  9. This will be the race of Espada's political life. He's only been elected to this seat once -- and that was against an opponent who was under indictment and subsequently went to jail. Give the people a choice, and the opportunity to vote for someone who is a real leader, and they will dump Pedro for Desiree.

  10. Anonymous at 8:47:00 has it all wrong. Like all the neighbors I've talked with here in the 33rd, I would vote for just about ANYBODY who was willing to work instead of stroke his own ego in Albany...

    Someone with public events to raise money IS news. That said, Anonymous does have a certain point.

    If Ms. Pilgrim-Hunter is so indecisive about running, is she going to be able to make any of the other decisions required by the job?

  11. At least Desie is lookin for support within the community, instead of takin dirty money from big developers and soda companies that just want to rob the Bronx!

  12. Dear progressive friends who reside in the 33rd: Please repeat after me.

    Pedro Espada doesn't live in the Bronx. He steals government funds from sick people, and uses them for his campaigns. And he wants to throw you out of your home.


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