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Friday, September 3, 2010

33rd Senate District Race Roundup

Real quickly, a few notes on everyone's favorite Bronx political race:

-At a debate (or more like a question-and-answer session, see a slide show of the event above with photos by Adi Talwar) at Fordham Evangelical Lutheran Church, candidate Dan Padernacht, the only Democrat to attend, said his fellow challenger, Gustavo Rivera, was showing himself to be more and more like the incumbent Pedro Espada. (We'll have some video and audio from this debate next week. Thanks to Padernacht and Green Party candidate John Reynolds for showing up, Transportation Alternatives and Picture the Homeless for organizing it, and Fordham Evangelical Lutheran for hosting.) Here's Padernacht's website.

-Rivera announced endorsements by the Daily News and Rev. Al Sharpton to add to his already long list of big-name supporters. Here's Rivera's website.

-Espada joined with colleagues to tell young people to stop sagging their pants. Here's Espada's campaign website.


  1. anyone want an update on the 33rd state senate east side debate:

  2. crazy how people do not show up for these events. good one. Will vote for the Green.

  3. I think Dan Padernacht is a little confused. I'm pretty sure he's running for City Council. It's kind of sweet but an utter waste of time. A vote for him is a vote for Espada. How anyone is willing to risk the very serious possibility of allowing Espada to win just throw away their vote on someone who has no experience, platforms, or a real sense of what a State Senator does is almost reprehensible. The New York Times even acknowledges as much. Although they did mention that he did pro bono work for Diaz Sr.

  4. Espada's 11 day campaign finance report is the only one not available at the NYS Board of Elections website. The serial violator is flouting the law again? Without the report we still have no idea how he is paying for his "Fruit For Votes" giveaways. He was out with his giveaways again today. He was greeted by several protesters at the Amalgamated Houses and wouldn't even get out of his car. Some of the signs read: "Take Pedro's Fruit, but Vote For Gustavo Rivera" "My State Senator Held NYS Hostage for 31 Days and All I Got Was a Bag of Fruit" Many of those on line waiting for the giveaways said they were planning to take the advice of the protesters -- take the food, but not vote for Pedro. Many of the same protesters followed Espada's staffers (I identified Pedro G. Espada, Curtis Tucker and Haile Rivera as a few of about 20 staffers) to the Mosholu Library where Pedro actually got out of his car and greeted voters. Spirited chanting took place and Pedro's staff called the police -- I guess because the presence of critical voters is something Pedro is afraid of.

  5. I saw Pedro outside the Mosholu Library in his "Glorious Leader" Kim Jong-il suit. Cracked me up. He looks like an Oompa Loompa in it. Pretty ironic given the fact that he was just dispensing fashion advice to young people who like to wear saggy pants.

  6. At Anonymous @ 10PM

    The NYT? Really?

    I had rather have all the choices in front of me and the ability to make my own decisions than to have some political stooge tell me what is in my best interests and rob me of my choice.

    By the way, listen to him on his WNYC radio interview. Even when he is not debating anyone, he still doesn't really answer any of the questions. He is incoherent and basically parrots everything that every pol in the Bronx has been stating over the last year. He does not have one unique perspective or opinion. But what do you expect from another Albany insider...

  7. I listened the WNYC interview and what I heard was Danny say was that he was born in the Bronx (it's so unfortunate he doesn't find anyone who arrives to this country, no matter how much he advocates and fights for his community in the years he has lived in New York unfit to be an elected official). He has yet to unveil a single policy proposal he would introduce (couldn't even make up an response to Brian's question). He couldn't even say what is the big difference between him in and his opponent (who he seems to think Is Rivera and not Espada for some reason). Besides his family, all he days is that he will work "locally", what that means in terms of legislature he has yet to clarify. Again, he seems to be running for city council. I don't think he knows what state senator does.

    At the end of the day, it's your choice. I just hope people won't regret giving their vote to someone who is clearly unqualified, has no plans and has ties to landlords and Ruben Diaz Sr. It's a great leap of faith to be willing to put the future of such a large district in the hands of this young man. I have yet to see a glimpse of any real reason why anyone would do that. I just continue to pray that on September 14th, people will stand in front on their voting booths, reflect on what's at stake, list the qualifications, background, experience, history, stands on issue, proposed legislative policies, etc; and make the right decision. Espada will become feared and viewed as unbeatable if he manages to pull this one off because of a local Ralph Nader. May God protect this race and the people of this district from Espada for the sake of all of New York.

  8. all cheer espada....the team....the strategy............to keep everyone confused.....give residents a political choice.....just enough for king espada to win............(now if he can just do something about all those loud kids in the library....)

  9. where did the post and pictures of the mosholu library donnybrook go? they were up this morning? did anyone get arrested? the word on the street from my gremlins is that there was some violence between the two camps (nunez versus espada).

  10. Padernacht has dropped out of race and is supporting Rivera.. Sam Dolnick has the story:


  11. Freedom of EXPRESSION! on Sep 4, 2010 in Pedro Espada The New Roosevelt Initiative mosholu library

    September 4, 10:30 am: Senator Pedro Espada’s election campaign machine was giving away food outside The New York Public Library’s Mosholu branch. The New Roosevelt Initiative folks were there too! As you can Imagine, this was a bit of a volatile..


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