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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What Happened to Bronx Dem Machine?

We're all a little bleary-eyed here at BxNN after a very late night of Tweeting (did you follow us?) and shuttling between candidate events. We'll have more for you later, but for now just a couple of items/thoughts  ...

By now, you know that incumbent Pedro Espada was defeated by a significant margin and that he conceded early in the evening. But, as for upsets, Gustavo Rivera's victory was the only defeat of a Bronx incumbent legislator despite several primary races. Assemblyman Nelson Castro appears to have beat back a tough challenge from Hector Ramirez (though he has yet to officially concede). The top, and perhaps only, priority of the Bronx Democratic Party was defeating Castro.

And seeing that the Party, headed by east Bronx Assemblyman Carl Heastie, formally stayed out of the Espada-Rivera match-up, it's hard to see what, if anything, they accomplished last night. What happened to their mojo and focus of two years ago when they ousted Jose Rivera and other leaders of the Party and elected Ruben Diaz, Jr. borough president? 

Gustavo Rivera's victory, on the shoulders of labor unions, individual elected officials acting independently of the Party machinery, the Working Families Party, an impressive crew of young volunteers, and a slew of engaged and fed-up Bronxites, shows that formal Party support is not always necessary for victory.

We'll have more for you soon, including video of Gustavo Rivera's victory speech. In the meantime, share your thoughts in the Comment section.


  1. It took me a while to find the most current twitter updates, since there is a set of older ones at the top right... until I spotted the most current one below I thought you guys were snoozing on the job!

    Also, I found vote tallies from new12 here:

    Overall, it was great to have the Bronx News Network coverage of this exciting and intriguing local election season.

  2. well lets just hope they cover it correctly....that it was the courage of the 1ST elected offical Oliver Koppell, FED UP NORTHERN BRONX DEMOCRATS in Bedford Park & Norwood along with help from "YES" outside and YES Inside Union Residents...that did the job


    BUT THE RESIDENTS OF BEDFORD PARK, NORWOOD, KINGSBRIDGE, The NorthWest Bronx Democrats, Desiree Pilgrim Hunter Yorman Nunez, Doug Cunningham, Margret Groake, George Diaz, Sallie Caldwell, Chris Padilla, Jeffiner Jones, Anthony Rivieccio AND MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY RESIDENTS THAT HAVE THANK GOD LIBERATED THEMSELVES

    will this be in the norwood news?.....................Oh..........im sure they ill make sure their coverage and non profit funding protection coverage will cover this from the ...ahem...lets say...their Jeffrey-ized coverage.

    The New Bronx Democratic Party Machine............................................................indeed?????...LOL

  3. Anthony, did you really think that by posting anonymously we wouldn't know that it was indeed you leaving a comment CONGRATULATING YOURSELF for Espada's ousting?

  4. That was really funny and put a smile on my face. HaHa.

  5. Anthony,
    A cursory examination of the 33rd senatorial district would show you that Kopell’s council district is only a part of the 33rd. Bedford Pk and Norwood fall in to this category as well. All of the Northwest Bronx people you named supported Desiree initially and only switched to Gustavo after Desiree bowed out under somewhat tumultuous circumstances. So please spare us your re-writing of history through taking credit for Gustavo’s win. Gustavo had broad support (mainly in opposition to Pedro) so it would be remiss of any individual group (maybe, and this is a strong maybe, with the exception of NRI) to take credit for Espada’s defeat. There were other electeds (like Cabrera, who’s entire councilmatic district is in the 33rd, or the Borough President, who has influence in the southern part of the district) that had greater impact. This isn’t meant to discredit the work that you and your affiliates did for Rivera, it’s just disingenuous to take credit for the victory.

  6. Castro claims victory and calls for Democratic Party Unity.

  7. Good Morning Everyone

    OH I see another "Anonyomus" person wants to tell a 30 year resident or someone else the power of their own neighborhood. Anonymous?,...is that in the bronx or florida????....or Westchester?

    YES, NRI from a money perspective was VERY IMPT....BUT SOMEONE HAD TO MAKE THE CALLS, PUT UP THE POSTERS, MANAGE MAILINGS, DO BUS & TRAIN STOPS....and I think those people HAVE NAMES...like the ones mentioned above....I dont think any one of them is called Anonyomus?

    And while The 86th Assembly district that you mentioned voted VERY WELL FOR ESPADA.(showing Cabreras factor was worthy but non substative)...Dont you think it was the 78th ass District---From Fordham to Van Courtland...who carry 45% of the vote...that voted over 90% for Gustavo Rivera had a factor?

    So I think the "re-writing" that you are refrring to is not correct. Some of the people mentioned above...who have lived in our area FOR SO SO SO LONG--that have beautified our community for over 4 decades...dont you think these long term residents deserve credit???

    Yes it was an anti Espada Vote. An Ant could have won based on these numbers. Yes, many were wary of Gustavo's "sudden rise" after sadly losing Desiree for....let me help you here.....losing her for BS reasons.....but YES THE COMMUNITY ROSE UP...AND YES MANY DESERVE CREDIT.

    But you know its funny...after living here for 30 years, I still have not met Mr or Mrs Anoyomus.

    But I know some today--that maybe do not live in the district---that are reading the papers of course reading that "EVERYONE" is now taking credit for Gustavo's victory. I read One paper that called it The Cuomo effect...LOL

    Thank you for your words. It was fun and hard. I hoped you helped and more importantly voted....WITH YOUR REAL NAME.......I ALWAYS USE MINE!!!!!

  8. Anthony may have had too much to drink last night.

    I think a few of the people on Anthony's list would be quite shocked to hear they are part of anything associated with Anthony. Many of the names certainly deserve some credit --but I'm not sure they see themselves as part of NorthWest Bronx Democrats or any entity Anthony is part of. Since he named names -- maybe they will chime in?

  9. I was thrilled that Gustavo won. I wish I could claim to have done a lot to help -- in any case, I don't know how Anthony would have any idea how much or how little I did. I am not part of any "organization" with him.

    As I have said before, if Desiree, Gustavo and Dan hadn't thrown there hats in the ring, our electeds would have thrown up their hands and allowed the re-election of Espada. That being said, Jeff Dinowitz is probably responsible for a lot of Gustavo votes in my neighborhood, thanks to his robo-calls and fliering the Amalgamated.

    The beautiful thing about this victory is that lots of people did a little or a lot. Now on to see that it matters.

  10. Explain how Cabrera's is not substansive but Kopell's is? Those people (the Norwood, Riverdale,Van Cortlandt, Bedford Park) weren't voting for Espada to begin with. Those were either Dan's or Gustavo's votes from the jump so stop the rubbish. Speaking of which, where do you get that the 86th voted very well for Espada? You have proof of that? And please don't tell me that your 30 year residency qualifies your baseless claims...

  11. To Anthony, This is Mark Rodriguez wishing you congrats. At least the Rivera victory gives me hope that people still care about their district. Me, still disgusted but I will continue to push my agenda of Equal Parenting/Joint Custody here in NYS. I owe that to the children of NY who have been deprived due to parental alienation by a corrupt family court system. Alot of these politicians still don't get it.


  13. Anthony needs to get a dictionary or use spell check or proofread or stop writing all of this nonsense. I'm sure he has done some good at some point, and I'm sure his intentions are good, but he has little or no credibility because of the rambling content and Grade "D" writing of his posts.
    Maybe those who reply (myself included) need to stop. Perhaps if we ignore him, he'll go away.

  14. OH MY GOD..lol

    Firstly, outside of Mark & Margret...hello to both....The other anonymous people obviously do not want to entertain a conversation or dialoge---after all--there anonymous

    and let me clear up some things here:

    Firstly, The names mentioned above yes, were many Desiree Supporters. Myself, Margret and many others were "first mentioned" in her press release as "Community Leaders for Desiree" as endorsing her for many reasons, and while Margret and myself--may at times--sit on different sides of the fence--that has nothing to do with the individualized or collective work that we do. Example, the news release being collective work, NorthWest Bronx Democrats being seperate--and again to be clear--NO ONE SAID many of the individuals mentioned above were in that group--I said that individualy-we have collectivly FIRST-supported Desiree

    2-To the other non person who questioned my numbers in the 78/86 Ass Districts. As I am sure you are starting to know by now (as of 11AM unoffical by BOE) the numbers stated earlier are VERY accurate. How did I know that beforehand? Well my good anonymous friend, who thinks they know The Bronx but is probably from Westchester, considering that I have been involved in the neighborhood and campaigns for so long (see NO 30 years..lol) including last night----I WAS THERE WHEN THEY CAME IN!!!!!!!

    For Mark, my friend, I know running for office to make your community better is a wonderful thing and dont worry, political BOBOS are good if you put "Cocorico" on it...LOL..Stay Well my friend...And oh yes...Mark Rodriguez, leader in Eastchester and member of The Kingsbridge Armory Task Force and member of The Political Parent Party--WAS AN EARLY DESIREE SUPPORTER....According to the non names///i guess he should not be thanked for the early supported he provided. Sorry Mark The Non Names have spoken!

    Maybe The Best Post of The Day...Yes......I Am done...Time to retire...just donate the BOBOS to The other non names ----they need it more than I do...

    And Yes I apologize, I had TOO MUCH to drink last night, so the rambling, attempted to be intentally good, and probably "Grade C" at best.

    So goodnight and goodbye everyone. Let me ask The Bronx News Network to keep up there great mission---not with the reporting--but with your continuining concept of wanting to provide "content" and "video" to ALL AREAS OF THE BRONX, through your hard cover and on line editions of biweekly/monthly community publications.

    And Let me finalize by saying , Mr Gustavo Rivera, many here are right. We hardly know you and some of us were early supporters of community leaders of the neighborhood before your "Out Of Nowhere" campaign came into town.

    So to end with the best quotes; from my "Associated relationship" with Mrs Margret Groake, or as some know her, Mrs Jordon Moss, The Editor in Chief of The Norwood News:

    The beautiful thing about this victory is that lots of people did a little or a lot. Now on to see that it matters

  15. OK people lets start keeping it real. As an outsider I have been watching this race and then checked numbers. And yes Gustavo had a lot of great people helping him, working hard for him and yes he had the unions and elected officials. But they all knew that in the Northwest Bronx someone with the name RIVERA would win. And we all know what RIVERA I am talking about. The video man. All of the Rivera's that ran won with big numbers. So lets keep it real. Thank you Oliver and Jeff for giving us one more Rivera elected official in the Bronx.

  16. The Bronx Democrats have the fascist bigot Rubin Diaz as a State Senator. The Democratic party and the people who voted for him should both be ashamed of themselves. Would it be fine to have David Duke or another similar bigot as a Bronx Democratic candidate, and would it be acceptable to have the people elect him. Apparently its fine with the Democrats and voters in his district to screw over certain people. If anyone does or says anything derogatory or more (like Diaz's use of the government to f over certain types of people) regarding their demographic, they have no justification saying anything about it, in fact they would deserve it (only those that voted for him).


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