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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Espada Campaign Ad: Gustavo Rivera Has 'Sold His Latino Soul'


This pamphlet was left on the windshield of a car parked on Reservoir Oval West in Norwood yesterday morning. Here's an English translation of the speech bubbles:

...Lie TV Introduces the Story of Gustavito the Liar...

Once upon a time there was a group of evil individuals
Who wanted nothing more than to rise to power
In order to make decisions against our people
But for many years there has been a strong leader with our needs in mind and he has kept the evil from rising to power.
Knowing they couldn't defeat this true leadership
The evil individuals handpicked a little boy named Gustavito to act as their puppet
Realizing that he couldn’t compete against true leadership…
Gustavito sold his Latino soul, dignity and pride to the same evil group who are forcing Boricuas and Dominicans out of our neighborhoods.
And we won’t fall for such a liar… Instead, we will turn out strong for our current leader, Pedro Espada Jr.
The people have come together in support of the Senate Majority Leader, Pedro Espada Jr.
Espada has always stood up for you. He deserves your respect and support.

On Tuesday, September 14 vote for Senator Pedro Espada Jr. Not a Step Back!

The "evil individuals" pictured on the front page are Bill Samuels, founder of the New Roosevelt Initiative, State Senator Liz Krueger, and Dan Cantor, executive director of the Working Families Party.


  1. Odd that a very small man like Espada would call Gustavo "little."
    Please let's vote Espada out!

  2. With all the millions that Espada and his family stole, you'd think they could afford a better TV.

  3. Spanish is not my first language -- but I get by. Isn't Espada basically saying that "Lie TV" is well, lying to us? If the TV is lying -- everything the TV tells us is not true -- which of course is the truth. "Lie TV" is lying to us about Gustavo and his "evil" cohorts and Espada does not deserve our respect.

    Can a native-speaker help me here?

    Regardless -- smacks of desperation.

    I got a mailer from Pedro that told me Gustavo was planning to pull the plug on elderly sick people and that he will make sure they pay more for their prescriptions.

  4. I am the author of the photos of Gustavo used without permission in that flyer. Pedro been caught stealing!

  5. Sad thing about the espada ads against mr. rivera is that much of what they are saying is true...
    wheres the real choice?
    old thief or new puppet>bronx politics>
    Ruben Diaz Jr, endorses mr. rivera and
    Ruben Diaz Sr, endorses espada...
    only in the Bronx...
    the whole thing smells bad in any language...spanish or english...
    i am moving to westchester, at least i might see espada walking his dog there...

  6. No, the really sad thing about Espada's ad is how borderline illiterate it is. How can this man help this community when he doesn't even employ people who will run an add through spell and grammar check. He spelled community "comunity" on one for goodness sake!!! Have you seen his campaign's website???!!!! You know, the one where the list of campaign staffers were pulled because almost all of them are also his senate staff.

    Speaking of staffers. Have any of you seen them. They all look like thugs and/or have no class. They're absolutely disgusting.

  7. To add to Anon @ 10:37 - the spelling and grammar in Spanish is so much worse! Does he really think he can take Latinos for granted and insult our intelligence?

  8. now thats funny..............LIE TV...'The Evil people"..lol...Time to lend Gusta..oops..Gustavito The Gremlins????

    You know if Pedro was ever a Sports Coach...I would never bet against him...LOL


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