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Monday, September 6, 2010

Padernacht Drops Out, Biviano Rips media

Dan Padernacht had dropped his bid to unseat Pedro Espada, Jr. and is throwing his support behind Gustavo Rivera.  Here's the Times story:  Espada's Challengers to Join Forces Against Him

In this video, Doug Biviano, a candidate for Assembly in Brooklyn, rips NY media for telling voters to "throw the bums out" but denying coverage to challengers' campaigns.   Press Cover the Bums' Challengers .  He's right (of course, that's not all they're not covering, but this is a good place to start).

This is a good time to remind you that tonight and this week on BronxTalk, we'll feature an interview with Robert Giuffre, a challenger for office in the 80th Assembly district.   This would have been a debate with both candidates, but the incumbent, Naomi Rivera, declined the invitation to appear.  She was the third candidate this summer (Pedro Expada,  Jr. and Hector Ramirez are the others) who declined the opportunity to debate.

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  1. Freedom of EXPRESSION! on Sep 4, 2010 in Pedro Espada The New Roosevelt Initiative mosholu library

    September 4, 10:30 am: Senator Pedro Espada’s election campaign machine was giving away food outside The New York Public Library’s Mosholu branch. The New Roosevelt Initiative folks were there too! As you can Imagine, this was a bit of a volatile..

  2. Hey, Dan I now have a new found respect for you. I hope you truly rally all your supporters behind Rivera.


  4. I am an undecided and I am just curious, I am not a supporter of Rivera or Espada, I am just wondering how much of a difference Rivera can make in a time where people are out of work and he is new to the process. I have heard alot about Espada mostly negative about his character but he does have some years in office and I have seen his many mailers that come to my home. According to someone I met from his campaign they say he is not indicted and explained his current case yet the rivera supporters say he is indicted and will go to jail. Can someone clairfy this for me.

  5. Mr. Rivera has worked for the past 10 years in public service. He worked for Councilmembers, Senators (state and national), and was a state director for Obama in Florida in '08. He worked for the New York State's Democratic Senate Conference (working tirelessly to making sure it would become a majority). His line of experience is not bs. He is certainly NOT "new to the process".

    Espada's years in office have been a let-down to say the very least. Not sure who you've been talking to but Espada is still under investigation. No indictments....yet.

  6. To undecided anonymous: Don't get fooled! Here are just some reasons why.

    It's not a secret that Esapada has been continually late with his campaign finance reports. The Senate Majority Leader doesn't file his campaign reports properly and timely? Why?

    It's also not a secret that despite his charges about outsiders working for his opponent, he is the ultimate outsider because he lives in Mamaroneck, not the Bronx.

    His willingness to literally hold up state government allegedly to support his community was the height of audacity. He got nothing out of it for his district, other than he got a high political position, which he maneuvered himself to, not which he earned out of his respected service. Quite the contrary.

    In 2005 his close associates went to jail for cheating poor and sick patients out of funds that were used to assist Mr. Espada's campaigns. These were his closest associates and confidants. Do you think he had nothing to do with it? They literally took the fall for him, which is disgusting. Here's the Times story on it.

    There's so much more on this guy that it's beyond incredible that he is still on his feet running a campaign for public office.

    He gives away school supplies and fruit and vegetables in a despicable attempt to buy votes. This is not about electing a Santa Claus, this is about electing someone sho is going to represent his district with integrity. In his long and pathetic career, Mr. Espada has demonstrated none of that. So if you vote for him you're falling for one of the biggest political swindles in the history of this state.

  7. Senator Espada is NOT Indicted as was stated earlier, all these attacks are because HE had the guts to speak up and take action. You may not like it, but he has delivered as senator for his district. He has provided funding to many senior centers, schools, after-school programs in the community. He fights for what he believes is right. What other elected official in the district has delivered more in the district in the past two years, please provide me with that person and provide me with specific examples. As for fruits and vegetables ask your neighbors in the line if they appreciate it before you attack him. THIS IS AN ANTI ESPADA BLOG LOCATION WITH AN ANTI ESPADA MESSAGE. NONE OF YOU CARE ABOUT THE TRUTH.

  8. To anon 7:06:00

    What other elected official had three of his closest associates go to jail for redirecting funds that should have gone for the sick? What other Bronx elected official unabashedly flouts the residency rules and lives in a mansion in Mamaoroneck? What other elected official claims to be for tenant rights but accepts huge donations from the real estate industry including some of the Bronx' worst landlords? And instead of giving out fruits to individuals, which is nothing more than a cheap stunt, how about using the power of his office to work on improving access to good food supermarkets, which could have implications on the health care he claims to encourage and jobs, etc. For that matter, where was his advocacy on the Kingsbridge Armory when it was being voted on? Nowhere. Silent.

    Further, if he's so great and righteous why didn't he have the guts to debate, like he said he would? With the record you claim he has, it should have been an easy win for him. But he has so much to hide, who could blame him for having to answer hard questions?

    Your claims of a vendetta or anti-Espada blog are merely shameful political pandering. Your defense of this rogue politican is completely without fact and merit. It's time to give up the charade and work for the Bronx to get this toxic waste dump called Espada out of office and into trial once and for all.


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