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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Diaz Sr. Wants Hispanics to Fill Espada's Power Positions

State Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr.
A week before Tuesday's primary, State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. predicted both he and his fellow amigo, Pedro Espada Jr., would win re-election and come back bigger, stronger and better than before.

He was half right. 

Diaz lamented Espada's loss to Gustavo Rivera on Tuesday night, but he's already looking ahead to life without him. In a press release, Diaz said he wanted to see a Hispanic lawmaker placed into the two positions of power Espada had carved out in the state senate: majority leader and housing committee chair.

He said he didn't want the positions himself, but offered up a handful of alternatives, including Rivera. Here's his full statement:
“As the Chair of the New York State Senate Puerto Rican/Latino Caucus, I must insist that since the voters of Senator Pedro Espada’s district have lost him as their Senator, New York’s Hispanic community must not also lose the leadership roles he had while in the State Senate.
Senator Espada served as Chair of the Senate Housing Committee, and more importantly, as the Senate Majority Leader. I will not accept a “one step forward, two steps backwards” approach toward participatory democracy for Hispanics in the Senate. I urge the Senate leadership and my Senate colleagues to select a Hispanic Senator to fill those positions.
I want it understood by my supporters and to my critics that I am not interested in either of those roles and I will not accept them even if offered.

I do believe that my colleagues , Senator Martin Malave Dilan, Senator Jose Peralta, Senator Jose Serrano, as well as Gustavo Rivera and Adriano Espaillat - who won last night’s election and will likely be sworn into office in January - should be selected to serve in these leadership positions.”


  1. Hey Rev Diaz, how about backing someone who is qualified first? If he's black or hispanic great, then give him/her the job. But let's not put another crimuinal in a high place like you did with Espada just because he speaks your language. Dude, how do you spell R-E-F-O-R-M?

  2. Could this guy make an HONEST statement to save his life?

    It was not that "the voters of Senator Pedro Espada’s district have lost him as their Senator," WE GOT RID OF HIM AS QUICKLY AS WE HEAVENLY COULD!

  3. Imagine if the word "Hispanic" was replaced with the word "White" in Rev. Diaz Sr.'s statement...

  4. Diaz doesn't speak for us. GTFOH. This guy is delusional. Enough with this telenovela throwback, can we have some serious government without people being such "wrenches in the machine"? This is not Tammany Hall, Mr McCloud.

  5. Talk about revisionist history, Ruben Diaz Sr.has applied it to politics. 1/3 of those who voted "lost" him, the other 2/3 gave him the boot. Espada lost his way long ago when he decided to swim in the sea of me.

  6. By reading the past few comments, It just shows how gullible and dumb or shall I say "politically uneducated" most voters are. Those that do their homework know how incompetent most of these incumbents are, but give someone a free "Vota Por Mi" T-shirt along with a sandwich and $10 and you got their vote. It's a shame I don't have enough KY Jelly to spread around as our communities continue to get yingyanged from behind by these "leaders".

  7. It's is the South Bronx, did you expect Harvard? The bottom line is that he is now going to get squeezed out. His hate is not going to have any more power in the Senate as his stupid friends are all gone now. I doubt highly that Gustavo Rivera and the others who are ENDORSED by Marriage Equality groups and the like will be falling for his rice and beans politics. Ruben only manipulated people and did so with his other little friends, who are now GONE. I'd say he just got yingyanged WITHOUT the KY......... and that's fine for now. In a couple of years, it will be his turn to go.

  8. His district is not very Latino, it's Bangladeshi.

  9. Bronx politics is a total disgrace. Yes,we finally got rid of Espada but the religious nut job named Diaz is still in place. What are people thinking?


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